An Update on COVID-19 and The Safety of Your Pet

Dear PawHootz Parents,

We acknowledge the growing concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are monitoring the situation and will do our part to help contain the spread of this virus. 

The great news… pets don’t become ill from this particular strain of the coronavirus, and infectious disease experts, (CDC, OIE, and WHO) indicate there is no evidence to suggest that pet dogs or cats can be a source of infection with SARS-CoV-2, including spreading COVID-19 to people. We do know that there is a risk for our pet parents and pet caregivers, so we are taking every precaution to keep all of our humans safe. With proper handling and management of the pets in our care, we can all stay healthy, allow our pups to continue their normal and healthy routines of play, and give you the time you need to manage this challenging time in our lives.

Our Commitment To You Remains The Same:

Group Play – Because dogs are not at risk of becoming ill, as this is not a canine virus, we are continuing our group play for both day and overnight visitors. We are taking extra precautions for our caregivers like washing our hands frequently, sanitizing heavily touched objects and surfaces regularly, and providing sanitation stations around the resort.

Lodging – We realize that many travel plans will proceed as normal for our pet parents, or you may just want your pet to be out of the house for a few days, and we will be here for your pet care needs. We are continuing to provide our lodging services but we will no longer accept outside bedding or toys for pets as an extra precaution to prevent surface-to-hand spreading. We have everything a pet needs and all of our bedding and toys are sanitized daily. If you have special requests for toys or bedding, please ask, we will be happy to accommodate your pet’s special needs! 

Concierge Service – For your convenience, we have added a FREE concierge service to expedite your drop off experience. One of our trained staff will welcome you and your pet at your car, gather any necessary instructions, food or medicine and escort them into the resort for you. 

Enrichment – As always, all of our services offer the option of incorporating a higher level of enrichment play and activity. Remember, your pet feels your emotions, so let us help you keep them active and happy while you take care of the additional needs of your human family.

Grooming – We continue to offer full-service grooming and all breed cuts and shed outs to help keep up with the extra cleaning and sanitizing you are likely exercising in your own daily routines.

Training – Our professional staff remains committed to helping your pup continue his or her education through positive reinforcement and reward-based training. We have training sessions open Tuesday through Thursday and a small group class opportunity scheduled to reconvene the first week of June.

Pet Taxi – We are here to help! We can pick up your pet from your home and bring them to the resort for any service you need.

Your pet’s health, safety and well-being remain our top priorities. Call us for any of your pet care needs and take care of yourselves and your families during this uncertain time. If you’re feeling ill, please give us a call to reschedule your appointment. If we work together, we will keep the virus’s impact to a minimum and get back to normal quickly.

From The Team at PawHootz Pet Resort

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For more information about COVID-19, check out these resources:

Update as of 5/1

We continue to monitor the potential impact of COVID19 on both our pet parents, our pet caregivers, and our pets. While there have been a few isolated instances of pets contracting the virus from human family members none of these pets have shown more than mild symptoms and there has been no indication that our pets are at risk. We support the OIE’s position as stated on their website, 

“The current spread of COVID-19 is a result of human to human transmission. To date, there is no evidence that companion animals play a significant role in spreading the disease. Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare.”

We understand that the best exercise a pet can get is supervised and guided play customized to their unique needs and led by an experienced caregiver. Whether your pup prefers human interaction, smaller one on one play with a special canine friend, or a larger group of furry friends, we have the best and safest play opportunities through our group play and enrichment options for both lodging and daycare.

Our feline friends are offered an individualized experience in our bright and sunny, stay and play kitty korner, where we offer unlimited sensory activities, cozy snuggle spots, and yummy treats to satisfy all of their needs.

We are committed to keeping our humans and pets safe, healthy, and happy during this uncertain time. We are continuing our precautions such as frequent cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment where appropriate. If you have any special needs or questions please call us and we will be happy to help.