Doggie Daycare introduces Elevated Play which pieces together education and entertainment for endless paw-zibilities!

Purple Elevated Play with bouncing ball on top

Elevated Play

pieces together education and entertainment for endless paw-zibilities! PawHootz incorporates group games and activities that will enhance your furry friend’s social behavior and listening skills.

They will experience all kinds of stimulation throughout their stay. Our team combines FitPaws, Klimbs, cones, poles, and jumps for balance, strength, and conditioning. PHz trainers lead aerobic activities like: hide & seek, follow the leader, treasure hunts, chase and fetch! 

We aim to keep your loved one strong, healthy, and smart through customized individual routines. No matter their age – we have a program that fits! Fill your fur baby’s social calendar while you enjoy yours with Elevated Play and enriched Doggy Daycare.

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PawHootz Pet Resort building from the outside during the night.

Hurst Location

80 Grapevine Highway Hurst, Texas 76054


Our group playtime is like none other in the Metroplex! Our counselors keep the pups extremely active and engaged. Each dog enjoys a minimum of two sessions daily with other dogs of their same size, temperament and play style. Their time is filled with unlimited toys, pools and activities to fulfill every need. We even have select themed days to make playtime extra interesting…Fit Paws Friday anyone?

We are so sure your pet will love Doggie Daycare that your first visit is free after their initial evaluation!


Many pups prefer a human playmate to a canine companion so we suggest private playtime for dogs who prefer one on one interaction. We have a package to fit any activity level and our counselors will ensure your pup gets the attention and play style best suited for your pal. And every dog, regardless of their play preference, gets to participate in our themed activities and events. 


Our Enrichment care is designed to provide an enhanced level of hands-on care and mental stimulation to meet the unique needs and characteristics of each pup. Our Enrichment Coordinators will play learning, scent tracking, and brain games with your pup. They will also enjoy water-themed play, arts and crafts, and much more. We’ll balance these fun learning experiences with group or individual physical fitness periods, yummy treats, puzzles, and reenergizing rest opportunities at key times throughout their active schedules.


Pawhootz specializes in making your pet feel loved, that’s why we offer several opportunities for cuddle time with our counselors. Your pup will get focused attention through belly rubbing, snuggling or story-telling from an experienced care giver who understands your pet’s unique wants and needs. We cherish the bond that we build with your beloved pup.

SOCIAL Play Packages

Platinum Pawz Enrichment Full-Day 

  • Daily Rate:  $48 
  • Monthly Packages Available
  • 1 Day per week $152
  • 2 Days per week  $304
  • 3 Days per week  $456
  • 5 Days per week $520
  • Unlimited: $604
White Paw Prints Towards Bowl going to the right.
Happy Corgi Dog.
White Paw Prints Towards Bowl going to the left.