We offer a wide variety of spa services at our pet resort with certified groomers that specialize in making your pet feel safe and happy throughout the entire process.


Hurst Location

80 Grapevine Highway Hurst, Texas 76054
Loony PawHootz Groomer

Lonny Thornburg

Grooming Specialist

PawHootz Pets Resort would like to introduce our newest team member Lonny Thornburg, Grooming Specialist! Lonny is originally from Albuquerque, NM and now resides in Hurst, TX. Lonny graduated from the Texas All Breed Grooming School and has joined us here to make your pets look and feel their best! He has over 8 years of working experience with veterinarians, stables, and lodging centers.  His hobbies include his small homestead family farm and swing dancing. He is recently engaged and has 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 6 goats! His love for animals led him to become a groomer and we couldn’t be more excited to have him! Please help welcome him to our PAWsome family! 

Deluxe PET Bath


Our Deluxe Dog Bath is one of our most requested services. The Deluxe Dog Bath includes a bath with our featured rainforest, griminator, or bright white shampoos and conditioners that will leave their coat shiny and beautiful! During this process we also express anal glands, clean ears, clip and file nails, and give a thorough brushing. All of this is topped off with a hand-picked bandana and a spritz of cologne!

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

PET Shed Out


Our pet grooming department has one of the most successful and comprehensive pet shed out programs around. Our highly rated process will remove most of the loose and unwanted hair from your pet, and includes all of the features of a deluxe pet bath with special shampoos and conditioners. Your pet will also be dried and brushed with several different tools to make sure all of the excess hair is gone. In addition, their nails will be filed, anal glands will be expressed and their ears will get a thorough cleaning and be topped off with a hand-picked bandana and special cologne. This is an all-day process for your pet that will leave them feeling clean and refreshed!

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

All Breed Haircut


Here at PawHootz America we have certified dog groomers available to create the perfect cut or shave for your pet. We are able to do all breed variations and specialty cuts based on your request. We can do simple or we can do detailed! Bring pictures, ideas, and wishes for your pet’s haircut and we will work our magic! Your pet’s premium haircut also includes a full Deluxe Bath using all-natural pet shampoos and conditioners. We ensure your dog’s nails are filed, anal glands are expressed and ears are thoroughly cleaned. After the haircut we do a thorough brushing and select a stylish bandana and cologne to suit your dog.

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

Play N’ Wash


Your dog will enjoy a morning session of either group or individual playtime and a refreshing deluxe dog bath in the afternoon. Ask us about our Enrichment Play!

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

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Additional Pupgrades

Soak & Soothe (+$5 - $10)

Our special Soak & Soothe dog bath specializes in aiding pets with itchy skin or allergies. During application, this shampoo reduces hot spots, dry skin, flea-bite dermatitis, while minimizing scratching and biting. 

Blueberry Facial (+$10)

A Blueberry Facial is an excellent way to get rid of tear stains and enhance your pet’s coat color naturally while providing a calming, aromatic face and head massage for your dog. The result of the powerful antioxidants in the blueberry solution provides brighter, cleaner hair that strengthens strands. This makes their hair better at naturally fighting off dirt and stains.

Nail Trim (+$15 - $25)

Let our professional dog groomers give your pet a nail trim. With comfort in mind, our groomers take extra care during the whole experience. For an additional $15, we offer nail filing to leave your dog walking away with nails that are smooth, shiny and healthy. 

Nail Paw-lish (+$10 - $25)

Support your favorite sports team or share your enthusiasm proudly displayed on your pet’s toes. With fast-drying paw-lish, the experience is a loving and rewarding one for you and your pup.


  • They are always so nice and helpful and make my pup look handsome. ????

    Jennifer Finn Avatar Jennifer Finn
    March 15, 2022

    Bumi had such an amazing time at PawHootz! According to his report, he had so much fun and made some new friends! As soon as we got in the car, he fell fast asleep! This just proves that PawHootz provides a ton of fun with their learning activities and group play! I will definitely be bringing Bumi back for doggie day camp!

    Mattie Jae Boyle Avatar Mattie Jae Boyle
    December 5, 2021

    Our lab loves coming to PawHootz maybe more than she loves us. 100% recommend for daycare.

    Augustus Ruby Avatar Augustus Ruby
    December 2, 2021
  • Best pet resort in the metroplex. I’ve been a customer twelve years ????Joey’s haircuts are perfect . He is always loved and well cared for when boarding. I wouldn’t even consider boarding or grooming him any where else in Tarrant County. I live almost thirty miles away from PawHootz! They are simply always the best! I’m always satisfied and beyond ????very happy customer!!!❤️

    Kay Vogt Avatar Kay Vogt
    November 29, 2021

    The staff at PawHootz takes great care of my dog while she is getting groomed. The staff is friendly and attentive. All the dogs are happy when I pick my dog up. I have always had a great experience and my dog looks great after her groom.

    Sharon Kramer Avatar Sharon Kramer
    October 20, 2021

    Looking for training for my 15 month old standard poodle at least at this point from what I can gather it looks like they will be a good fit very kind professional

    K S Avatar K S
    October 17, 2021
  • My dogs always come home happy from PawHootz. That’s the best testimony about your business. Thanks

    Clement Risk Avatar Clement Risk
    September 29, 2021

    The staff are very helpful and informative and you can tell immediately upon entering the facility that they love animals!

    Rebecca Martinez Avatar Rebecca Martinez
    September 23, 2021

    A wonderful place to bring your pets! The staff is super sweet and welcoming and any dogs are welcome!

    Heather Carney Avatar Heather Carney
    September 11, 2021