We offer a wide variety of spa services at our pet resort with certified groomers that specialize in making your pet feel safe and happy throughout the entire process.

We offer a variety of BOTH cat grooming and dog grooming services!

Deluxe Pet Bath ($32 – $77)

Our Deluxe Pet Bath (for cats and dogs) elevates the grooming experience, ensuring your furry friend looks and feels their best. This exclusive service features a luxurious bath using our premium selection of shampoos and conditioners, including our rainforest, griminator, or bright white formulas, leaving your pet’s coat glistening and radiant. Our expert groomers go the extra mile. We skillfully express anal glands, meticulously clean ears, trim and file nails, and provide a thorough brushing. As a finishing touch, your beloved pet receives a hand-picked bandana and a spritz of cologne, making them not only beautifully groomed but also irresistibly fresh.

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

Pet Shed Out ($55 – $135)

Our pet grooming department has one of the most successful and comprehensive pet shed out programs around. Our highly rated process will remove most of the loose and unwanted hair from your pet. It includes all of the features of a deluxe pet bath with special shampoos and conditioners. Your pet will also be dried and brushed with several different tools to make sure all of the excess hair is gone. In addition, their nails will be filed, anal glands will be expressed and their ears will get a thorough cleaning and be topped off with a hand-picked bandana and special cologne. This is an all-day process for your pet that will leave them feeling clean and refreshed.

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

Cuts and shaves ($55 – $125)

At PawHootz, our certified groomers offer custom cuts and shaves for all breeds, from simple to intricate styles. Share your pet’s preferences, and we’ll make it happen. Our premium haircut package includes a Deluxe Bath with natural products, nail care, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, brushing, and a stylish bandana with cologne for your dog.

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

See the cuts we’ve done!

Play N’ Wash ($59 – $89)

Treat your furry companion to a fantastic morning of either group playtime or one-on-one attention, followed by a rejuvenating deluxe dog bath in the afternoon. Don’t forget to ask about our exciting Enrichment Play options!

(Additional charges will apply for extra handling, matting, excess hair or undercoats starting at $25 per hour)

nail traim/filing ($20 – $30)

Allow our skilled dog groomers to pamper your beloved pet with a meticulous nail care session. Our groomers prioritize your pet’s comfort throughout the entire process, ensuring a stress-free experience. We’ll provide expert nail filing, leaving your dog with impeccably smooth, gleaming, and healthy nails as they strut away.

Dog enjoying Pahootz Pet Resort grooming.

Additional Services

  • Gland Expression ($15 – $30)
  • Refresh Dry Shed Out ($15 – $30
Dog and cat paws fist bump

Additional Pupgrades

Soak & Soothe (+$5 - $10)

Introducing our exclusive Soak & Soothe Dog Bath, expertly crafted to provide unparalleled relief for pets suffering from itchy skin or allergies. This not only alleviates hot spots, dry skin, and flea-bite dermatitis but also significantly reduces the urge to scratch and bite, ensuring your furry friend's utmost comfort

Calming & Chew Spray (+$10 - $16)

Grooming calming and chew spray is a service that enhances the grooming experience for pets by reducing anxiety and stress. This spray calms pets and provides a pleasant distraction during grooming, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable process for both pets and groomers. It also prevents your pup from chewing and biting himself after and during grooming.

Capstar (+$15 - $30)

Capstar is a highly effective and fast-acting oral medication designed to address the immediate needs of your furry companion when it comes to flea infestations.

Special Shampoo (+$5 - $15)

For pets with skin conditions, sensitive skin, or allergies; we offer special shampoos for their comfort. These shampoos are: hypo, soothing vanilla oatmeal, and tea tree and aloe shampoos.

Blueberry Facial (+$12 - $18)

A Blueberry Facial is an excellent way to get rid of tear stains and enhance your pet’s coat color naturally while providing a calming, aromatic face and head massage for your dog. The result of the powerful antioxidants in the blueberry solution provides brighter, cleaner hair that strengthens strands. This makes their hair better at naturally fighting off dirt and stains.

Tidy Head/Ears/Fringe/Feet/Sanitary (+$7 - $22)

Give your pet the pampering they deserve with our tidy trims! Ideal for pets who've had a full groom but need regular upkeep. It's crucial for maintaining their cleanliness and comfort between major grooming sessions. Your furry friend will thank you!

Fresh Breath Treatment (+$12 - $22)

We know that maintaining your dog's oral health is crucial for their overall well-being. Our gentle and effective treatment not only freshens your pet's breath but also helps prevent dental issues that could lead to discomfort and expensive vet bills down the road.

Nail Paw-lish (+$10 - $25)

We're excited to introduce you to a delightful way to pamper your furry friend at our grooming salon – our pet-safe nail polish service! We understand that your pet is not just a companion but a beloved member of your family, and we want to add a touch of fun and style to their grooming experience

Shed Out W/Cut (+$20 - $35)

Enhance your pet's grooming session with our Shed Out W/Cut combo! It not only provides a stylish cut but also removes loose hair, preventing matting, tangles, and skin irritation. Perfect for a healthier and happier furry friend!

PAW-dicure (+$12)

Enhance your pet's grooming experience with music, licky mats, paw balms, and paw fizzies (pet-safe bath bombs). Purr-fect for a day of FUR-laxation!

Lonny Thornburg - pet groomer

Lonny Thornburg

Grooming Specialist

PawHootz Pets Resort would like to introduce our newest team member Lonny Thornburg, Grooming Specialist! Lonny is originally from Albuquerque, NM and now resides in Hurst, TX. Lonny graduated from the Texas All Breed Grooming School and has joined us here to make your pets look and feel their best! He has over 8 years of working experience with veterinarians, stables, and lodging centers.  His hobbies include his small homestead family farm and swing dancing. He is recently engaged and has 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 6 goats! His love for animals led him to become a groomer and we couldn’t be more excited to have him! Please help welcome him to our PAWsome family! 

Arin Clark

Grooming Technician

PawHootz Pet Resort would like to introduce Arin Clark, Grooming Technician! Arin has been attending Grooming School since February 2023 and is excited to receive his certification. He started off as a Bather here at PawHootz and has always loved working and being around animals. He has 3 dogs and frequently helps family and friends bathe their pets as well. We are super excited to have him here! Please help welcome him to our PAWsome family!

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Dog Playing Happy Boarding Pawhootz
Paw Prints towards bowl