Ruby: March Pal Of The Month

Let’s give a round of apaws for our pals of the month -, Ruby! Let’s dive into her heartwarming story.🐾 


A Bundle of Energy and Love 


Ruby, goes by several names, including Rubit and Ruby Ray. She’s a spirited pup with a birthday on February 10th. This next year marks her first birthday, and the Johnson family is gearing up for a special celebration to make it unforgettable. 


ruby: march pal of the month - ruby enjoying the pool swimming



From Breeder to Family Member 


Ruby became a cherished member of the Johnson family thanks to a careful choice. She was acquired from a breeder when she was just 7 weeks old. Ruby’s personality is  loving, energetic, outdoorsy, playful, and smart. These traits encapsulate the essence of this furry companion. 


Tennis Balls and Aquatic Adventures 


Ruby’s ultimate favorite is tennis balls. Whether it’s chasing them, fetching them, or just gnawing on them – these spherical toys never fail to bring a sparkle to her eye. But what truly sets Ruby apart is her passion for swimming. She’s a water enthusiast, and you can often find her happily paddling away.


PawHootz Pet Resort Fun 

When Ruby isn’t enjoying her tennis balls or taking a dip in the water, she’s having a blast at PawHootz Pet Resort. Her favorite part? Playing with all her canine and human friends, of course. It’s a place where she can unleash her energy and make new pals. 

Ruby’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the special bond between humans and their furry companions. Here’s to many more years of fetch, swims, and cherished moments for the Hudson family and Ruby!♥️ 


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