Our Training Academy at PawHootz is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and up to date dog training methods. This is why all our dog and puppy training uses gentle, reward-based methods that ensure your dog’s success. Whether your dog or puppy treats motivated or toy motivated, our professional dog trainers will ensure your dog learns in a comfortable environment.


Dog Day Training

($87 Per Session)

  • Dog Day Training: $87 Per Session
  • Dog Day Training Package (6 Sessions): $510

Your dog participates in our Doggy Day Camp program (pending assessment) and is trained throughout the day. All you need to do is drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon.

Behaviors taught:

Private Dog Lessons

($135 Per Session)

  • Private Dog Training: $135 Per Session
  • Private Dog Training Package (4 sessions) : $500

In each one hour private lesson, our certified trainers will work one-on-one with your dog at either your home or on-location (park, etc.) to work on cues that are important to you and your pet. We can assist with doggy door training, barking, greeting, potty training and much more. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a visit at your convenience.


5 Day Lodge & Learn

($650 – 710)

During your dog’s stay, we will balance playtime, socialization, and training to accomplish the most successful learning experience possible. This training program is fully customizable to your pets needs. Pricing includes nightly lodging.

Behaviors taught:

10 Day Lodge & Learn

($1,290 – 1,410)

During your dog’s stay, we will balance playtime, socialization, and customized training to accomplish the most successful learning experience possible. After an initial consultation to determine your pup’s individual needs we’ll develop a training plan that we’ll walk you through in our follow-up with your pet. Please call PawHootz to schedule a Lodge & Learn for your dog. Pricing includes nightly lodging.

Behaviors taught:



  • 5 star review  Animal America is my girls home away from home! ALL the staff, receptionist, attendants, councilors, trainer, and management are warm, friendly and kind. I am so happy I’ve found them. I do not have any worries about leaving Kelly in their care at all! ❤️ Them!

    thumb Karen Bernard

    5 star review  They took great care of our dogs. We will definitely use them again.

    thumb Jeff Neumann

    5 star review  Animal America gave me peace about leaving my furry family member at a kennel. They supervise the animals while playing, they give them personal one on one attention, and really care about each pet individually.

    thumb Shara Hinchey
  • 5 star review  My dog doesn’t typically do well at a groomer or boarding place. He’s older and gets anxious. I can honestly say he gets excited to go to Animal America. They must really love on him to make him relax like that… I don’t feel as guilty about not taking Spencer with me everywhere I go. This is a wonderful choice for anyone considering a boarding facility.

    thumb Alan Hudson

    4 star review  This was our first time here. Staff was accommodating and friendly. They were happy to provide an unscheduled tour and we liked what we say. Clean, friendly and lots of animal handlers. Grooming was good, but not great. In all fairness to the groomer, we have a VERY hairy dog with a double coat, and really long hair for a dog, and this was his first time at Animal America. I do think the groomer will be able to do a better job with our Bearded Collie next time because she now knows how long it will take to fully groom him and can allow an appropriate amount of time. We look forward to going back for round two because our Sawyer actually turned around to say bye to his groomer…and he NEVER does that! Sawyer spoke loud and clear. We’ll be back.

    thumb Helene Haston

    5 star review  They are very well trained. They train thier employee’s very well. The staff are friendly. The Resort is always clean. I know for a fact that these dogs and cats are very loved and taken care of. I would recommend this place forsure.

    thumb Amy Gilbreath
  • 5 star review  We just moved to the area and were referred to the pet resort! I was very pleased with the staff and the wonderful job they did on my girl! I felt very comfortable leaving her with them.

    thumb stefania fedako

    5 star review  Animal American Pet Resort we’re great with my girls! We have two German Shepard’s which can be intimidating and shed A LOT! The girls had a great time and came out looking great!

    thumb Brittany Alverson

    5 star review  The people here really care. Love the little doggy toys

    thumb Kaivan Askari


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