PawHootz Pal of the Month: Gracie

Give a round of apaws to our April PawHootz Pal Of The Month: Gracie C! Read about her story and how she spends her time.

Gracie, born on November 24, 2019, in Oklahoma City. Gracie embarked on her journey into her forever family just six short weeks later.

A little puppy named Gracie C taking a nap

This spirited Labrador brings boundless joy to her household. She finds delight in the simplest of pleasures. Gracie love to accompany her mom to the grocery store. At home, she’s a loyal companion, enjoying cozy evenings snuggled up with her family. She is known to provide hilarious commentary on the television programs they watch together. Gracie radiates happiness at every turn.

Dog, Gracie C, rolling aorund in the yard on her back.

Gracie’s playful spirit shines brightest when she’s romping around with her cherished stuffed teddy bear, which is her faithful companion in all adventures. Despite her gentle demeanor, Gracie has a fierce protective streak. She ensures her family knows exactly what she thinks of any redecorating endeavors (spoiler alert: she’s not a fan!).

Dog, Gracie C with her pet owner sitting on a couch

At PawHootz, Gracie thrives in an environment where she can frolic with her pals and bask in the attention of our dedicated counselors. So dedicated is she to her PawHootz routine that she graciously ensures her mom rises promptly each morning to take her to doggie daycare! 

4 different pics of the same white dog, Gracie at PawHootz Pet Resort

Gracie, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for gracing us with your sweet yet fierce presence. You truly embody the spirit of friendship and loyalty, and we are honored to have you as a cherished member of our PawHootz family!


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