5 Pet Routines to Establish for a Happier and Healthier Pup

There’s nothing better than adding a new furry friend to the family. But just like bringing a baby home from the hospital, there is an adjustment period that takes place as you figure out how to best take care of your new family member. 

Dogs have a few basic needs that must be met in order to be happy and healthy. One of the quickest ways to integrate your pup into your life is to establish pet routines. Knowing what to expect each day will help your dog to be better behaved and less stressed.


Humans aren’t the only ones who have a habit of snacking when they’re bored. In general, to help keep your dog’s metabolism in check, only put a bowl of food out three times per day. Each dog’s needs are unique, though, so consulting a vet is always a good idea. Scheduling feedings to coincide with your own mealtimes is a simple way to help you stay consistent. 

Bathroom Breaks

Potty-training your pup requires diligence. Take your young puppy outside frequently so they can relieve themselves. Make sure to include a potty break right after waking up, around mealtimes, and before going to bed. Over time, you’ll learn to read your dog’s bathroom signals.


Young puppies may need anywhere from 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day. Ensuring the correct amount of daytime naps will help. However cute the puppy, nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night to a yapping dog. Establishing a set time each day for your pup to wake up and go to bed will make it easier for your K9 to understand when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to play. 


A little bit of exercise makes everyone feel better–dogs included. It’s a necessary mental, emotional, and physical recharge. Plan at least one walk for the same time each day, so your dog can look forward to stretching her legs. Taking breaks to play catch or tug-of-war throughout the day will help the bond between the two of you grow.

Play Dates

Everyone needs friends! Your dog is no exception, and at PawHootz Pet Resort, we understand the importance of a pet routine. 

We have created a new membership program that is loaded with value and centered around happier and healthier playtime with other pups! Dogs thrive on consistency, and when your dog is a member, you commit to having them attend doggy daycare the same days each week. 

With this membership program, we can coordinate regular dog playgroups and ensure that there is adequate space, plenty of supervision for the pups, and most importantly, that they are comfortable. Contact us to learn more about getting a Doggy Day Camp membership.