It’s a WonderFUR Time Of The Year At Pawhootz – Attend An Event!

It’s a WonderFUR time of year to be a part of Pahootz Pet Resort. We host our annual events, treats and much more for your furry companions. The holiday season is among us and we have a ton in store for your pets and are excited to give them a wonderfur Christmas experience.

Whisker Wonderland

On December 4th we’ll be kicking off day camp activities by watching Snow Dogs and hosting our Winter Olympics for enrichment fun for our pups. The day will finish off with some extra  snowflake art.

Deck The Pawz

Beginning December 9th our day will start with highlighting our light-up Limbo. Our hands on enrichment care will then enter into our annual reindeer races for the day, our enrichment extra for Deck the Pawz will be topped off with a pumpkin bread pal treat.

The Muttcracker Event 

December 17th is our Mutt Cracker event, beginning with a holiday movie marathon for your pets followed by our popular howliday ball pit, our pups can’t get enough of our tasty pupcorn balls to finalize as our extra enrichment.

Santa Pawz Event 

Our day camp activity is filled with our fun and adorable Grinch- photo shoot for our pets. Then our extracurricular activities in Holiday Hoopin’ also begins that day for enrichment and is followed up with some colorful paw ornament art, Santa Pawz begins December 21st!

Woofmas Event 

Join us for our final day of holiday excitement with our Woofmas event beginning December 30th with our ugly Christmas sweaters for our pets, an enrichment activity is a Christmas maze followed up by a K-9’s favorite snack, puppichinos.

We can’t wait for you to celebrate the holidays with us. Consider spending your Christmas fun at Paw Hootz Pet Resort. Contact us to learn more about our holiday events and promotions.