Benefits of Dog Enrichment Programs

Have you ever heard about the wonders that pet enrichment programs offer for your pet’s health and energy? There are many different types of programs that can be tailored t.o different needs, but overall, enrichment programs are designed to assist with guiding dogs navigate through their senses, drain excess energy, and become well-trained overall. 
Keep reading to find out some of the biggest benefits from enrolling your pet in an enrichment program! 

  • Training – One of the primary benefits of dog enrichment programs is the help of special trainers into teaching your furry pets how to engage in diverse activities such as tricks, social interaction, amongst others. Be sure to look for programs that incorporate specific training for your pet’s needs. 
  • Daily walks – By keeping your pets moving and energized, which will reduce the need for late afternoon walks that you must take them on after long days of work. 
  • Stimulation – Enrichment programs are often focused on sensory stimulation for your pets. Through diverse activities such as exposure to music, integration of different spice smells, and introducing to different textures;  dogs are able to effectively stimulate their tactile, odor and ear senses.
  • Social interaction- Another great benefit of enrichment programs is the chance for pets to interact with one another. Increased social interactions enable them to play together, learn to share, and establish appropriate interaction behaviors. 
  • Fun games! – Although these programs do require lots of focus and learning, many activities are done through fun games and activities. Dogs get to play with their trainers, other pets, and even by themselves. This enables them, to again, drain energy, but also improve overall physical health and performance. 
  • Assist with illness- For animals going through different illnesses, you can also look for enrichment programs tailored specifically to dealing with stress relief and injury prevention. 

Looking for your pet to join an enrichment program? Contact us today to learn more about what our programs have to offer!

The Best Breeds for Small Spaces | Animal America Pet Resort

Living in a smaller apartment or condo is no reason that you can’t have the canine companion that you’ve always dreamed of!

Step one is to find a home that allows you to have a pet. Step two is to pick out a furry friend that will get along well even in a small space.

Let’s take a look at some breeds that are particularly well-suited to living in apartments or condos:

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are medium-sized dogs that are known for their charming, mournful eyes and patient personalities. These pups are loyal and strong and also mild and agreeable.

If you have a low-energy lifestyle or want to live in a smaller space with a low-key companion, the Basset Hound is a great choice!


Bulldogs are also low-key companions that get along very well in small spaces! These wrinkly rascals may look fearsome, but they’re very gentle and quiet and don’t need that much space or time outdoor aside from daily walks.

They also have a short coat that doesn’t shed much, making them the perfect low-maintenance furry-friend for urban apartment dwellers.


These tiny puppers are popular among apartment dwellers because of their small stature and affectionate personalities.

In spite of the common myths, Chihuahuas are not unhappy or high-strung—but they do need to be socialized and given lots of love from their humans.


Greyhounds may be known for being large but lanky and speedy, but these dogs love to laze about an apartment.

These laid-back pups are quiet while indoors and only require a comfy place to lounge while their humans are away. However, they can also keep up with active companions and are happy to go on outdoor adventures, too!

No matter what kind of furry friend you pick, we’ve got all the services you need to keep him or her expertly trained and exercised! Check our website for the full menu of Animal America Pet Resort services.

Cozy Indoor Activities | Animal America Pet Resort

The weather outside is less than delightful, so that means more quick walks and less time outside enjoying fun games of fetch. But there’s no need to let the brisk weather keep you and your furry friend from enjoying lots of time being active together!

Indoor Exercises

It’s easier than you might think to turn cold and dreary indoor days into days full of fun exerciseswith the creative use of toys and living room space!

  • Play indoor fetch by tossing lightweight balls indoors. Just make sure that you play in a large room or hallway and remove any breakables.
  • Let your pup chase bubbles. Blow non-toxic bubbles made for dogs or kids and teach your dog to chase them. It’s fun and surprisingly good exercise!
  • Play tug of war. All you need for this activity is a rope or other tug toy. This game is very fun and great exercise for both you and your dog!
  • Hide and find treats. All you need for this game is yummy treats and lots of places to hide them.
  • Set up an agility course for your pup using common household items like boxes, broomsticks, towels and chairs.

Other Indoor Activities

Indoor time is also a great time to relax on catch up on other activities with your canine companion.

You can make some time for a training session! Whether you’re teaching your pup new tricks or reviewing commands from training school, you just need some treats, some patience and plenty of time with your furry friend.

Indoor time is also a great time to take care of your dog’s basic grooming. Spend a little extra time pampering your pup during her routine brushing and nail trimming!

Want your pup to have a day of indoor activities with other canine companions? Visit the Animal America Pet Resort website to get more information about our Dog Day Camp!

Fun Winter Activities | Animal America Pet Resort

The weather outside is frightful, but the time you spend with your furry friends doesn’t need to be anything less than delightful! Let’s have a fun time looking at some activities that you and your pup can do to stay warm even when it’s so cold outside.

Even if there’s nothing more that you’d love to do than sit inside where it’s warm, it’s important that your dog gets the exercise he needs. So start with making sure that you’re still taking your dog for short walks even when it’s cold outside! Just make sure that you dress both yourself and your pup appropriately, and try to time your walks for the warmest part of the day.

Is your dog averse to the cold or getting bundled up? Try investing in a pet treadmill or bringing your pup to a pet gym or dog daycare.

Winter is also a great time to spend time inside teaching your pup tricks or playing games. So stock up on plenty of treats and get ready to have some fun time with some indoor activities!

Help your pup burn energy fast by using his favorite toys to play tug-o-war or monkey in the middle. Make sure that you let your pup win from time to time to keep him engaged in the game.

Another way that you and your dog can have fun inside is with a game of hide and seek. If you’re the one hiding, this game works best if your pup has mastered the “sit” and “stay” commands, or if you have another person that can hold your dog still while you hide. Alternatively, keep your dog active and searching while you relax and watch by hiding treats or favorite toys!

Looking for a great way for your pup to exercise without dealing with the great outdoors? Try our Animal America Pet Resort Dog Day Camp service. We’re so sure you’ll love it that your pup’s first visit is free!

Dog Brain Games

dog being groomed

Like with children, playing with your dog isn’t about just having fun. Dogs use play time to burn energy and learn new things. Having regular play time is the perfect way to stimulate your dog’s body and brain!

Make Games Easy and Fun with Treats

Treats can make playing brain-training games easier. Hide a treat or small toy in one hand to play the Which Hand game, or under one of a trio of cups to play the Shell Game! You can also use treats to reinforce the rules of Hot or Cold, Hide and Seek, or Fetch. A dog that’s mastered hiding and fetching games can also be trained to clean up or to fetch lost objects!

Teaching Tricks

A great way to get your pup using his brain is to interact and teach tricks that your dog can perform on command. These will be fun to integrate into your play time routine, and impressive to show friends! You’ll also want treats when you’re teaching your pup tricks, but once they’ve learned the rules, you’ll be able to get more performance and play for fewer rewards!

Bring Out the Toys

The market is full of interactive toys that are designed to stimulate thinking and puzzle-solving! You can incorporate these toys into games and play time with your dog, mixing up the routine and adding an extra element of fun! Toys can also come in handy when you want your pup to engage his brain, but you don’t have time for a lengthy play session. Just get out your dog’s favorite puzzle, add treats, and let him play!

If you’re looking for a little extra training, we’ve got you covered! We offer a variety of training options to suit every need and budget! Call or visit our website for more details.

Boarding a doodle

Bella WashburnGoldendoodles and Labradoodles have become increasingly popular over the past ten years. This means there are oodles of doodles boarding at facilities like our pet resort. Here are some tips for boarding a doodle.

To ensure your Labradoolde or Goldendoodle has a happy and healthy stay at IMG_0146a pet resort while you are away you must include a few extras with your boarding appointment. Doodles are special and they need a bit of extra care fromSherlock Leethcustomized exercise plans to grooming done only by professionals.

IMG_0152[20389]No matter what size your doodle, odds are his or her hair can get pretty matted by just looking at it. Doodles have a unique type of fur that combines straight and curly hair, in addition to several layers of coat. This mixture of hair makes it more likely to mat than just curly hair (like a poodle) or just straight hair (like a Labrador or Golden retriever).

One of the first things you can do to make sure your dog is health and comfortable when you pick them up from boarding at a pet resort is to schedule time with a professional groomer. Our groomers suggest that for every 4 days of boarding you schedule one brushing appointment. You might not brush that often at home but when your dog is playing with other dogs, getting slobbered on, running in and out of a  pool and getting overall dirty, their hair will mat much faster.

Mats can be a huge deal when they are not dealt with properly. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them downloadaltogether which is why brushing is so important. Once a mat forms, it needs to come out as soon as possible. Mats can be easily dealt with when they are not down to the skin which means the sooner you see it and cut it out the better.

Mats that go down to the skin can be a serious health concern as they can cause hot spots. Hot spots are skin lesions caused by the dog chewing and licking a specific spot. Once these form, they can get quite large and even get infected. Dogs with hot spots that are not treated immediately will often need to go to the veterinarian. There, the vet will assess the area of hair that needs to be shaved and prescribe medication. A vet visit can sometimes be costly or at least more costly than the price of a brushing appointment with one of our groomers.

download (2)Doodles also take longer to dry than other dogs so make sure the boarding facility where your doodle will be staying is aware of this. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are usually huge fans of water activities, from pools to water buckets, they are all fun! So make sure your doodle is at the very least towel dried after playing.

Make sure your Labradoodle or Goldendoodle is enrolled in daytime activites. Our resort has 3 levels, daycamp for dog who enjoy playing with other dogs, playschools for dog’s who would rather play one on one with a human and cuddletime which is for our older overnight guests who would rather just get some petting than strenuous physical activity. But if your doodle is true to his or her doodle nature, odds are daycamp is the option they’ll enjoy the most.

It is also important that your doodle’s bedding is kept clean and dry throughout their stay. This will also help with matting but more than anything it ensures your doodle’s comfort while boarding. After all no one likes to sleep on a damp surface.

Bringing your doodle’s food with you is also recommended as this will ensure their diet stays the same. Many dogs images (1)experience a bit of anxiety their first few nights in a new place so we don’t want to add to that stress by changing their food too. Dogs who are on a specific diet that suddenly changes can experience tummy discomfort and in some cases more serious cases of diarrhea. So keeping their diet as close to normal is best.

Your dog’s toys can also be of great comfort while staying at a new place. We recommend bringing one or two of your doodle’s toys to board with them. Make sure they are toys that can be replaced in case your dog decides to destroy them or they get very dirty.

imagesFinally, always plan for a spa day on your doodle’s last day. Even with careful supervision, odds are your dog will be ready for a bath, but in many cases a nail trim and a haircut will be necessary too. Make sure you leave very specific instructions if your dog will be getting a haircut. If you can bring pictures of what you’d like your pup to look like, their haircut will be a success. After all, some people like a round head on a Labradoodle, while other like a more stylized look on their pooch. An experienced groomer will always ask what your preferences are before approaching your dog with shears, just like your hairstylists asks what you want done on your own hair.

For any questions about boarding your Goldendoodle or to make an appointment for your doodle’s stay with us just give us a call or fill out a form.


10 amazing benefits of day camp

10 Amazing benefits of day camp

We love day camp and after you read the 10 amazing benefits of day camp you and your dog will love it too.

  1. Dog day camp provides a safe and fun way for your dog to exercise. Exercises is important for your dog and tired dogs tend to behave a lot better at home. Tired dogs mostly sleep, so there is less time to get in trouble.IMG_4178
  2. Socializing is a very important part of why we provide group play for our dogs. In dog day camp, your dog will learn to interact and play with other dogs. Our dog groups are always supervised by trained camp counselors to provide a fun and safe environment for all the dogs. For this reason, all dogs undergo temperament testing and are introduced to other dogs that we think would be a good play pal. dc Moment
  3. A great benefit of bringing your dog to day camp is that the pup will be accustomed to being handled by several different humans. This is a very important part of getting your dog to be a well rounded pup. Dogs who are introduced and handled by many humans can adapt much better to new circumstances, house guests, new family members, etc.
  4. Time away from home, breaks up the monotony of daily life for your dog. Can you imagineIMG_4229_Moment spending all day, every day in the same spot? It would be quite boring. Day camp is different every day, the people are different, the dogs are different and the games are different. Sometimes your dog will be in the indoor day camp yard or the weather might be lovely and we’ll hold day camp in one of our outside yards. All our yards have pet turf that is tyso1sanitized daily. And the pup gets a super fun car ride to get to us!
  5. Bringing your dog to dog day camp gets them used to being away from home. This means that in the event that you might need to board your dog because you are going out of town or having a huge party, they already know it’s a place where they are safe and they have fun!puppies_Moment
  6. Your puppy won’t miss a meal because you are stuck at work. We’ll feed your pup breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.
  7. Your pup will learn how to share toys and play nicely. Our camp counselors are watching IMG_4144_Momentthe dogs closely to make sure they are all having fun.
  8. Bringing your dog to day camp will keep your home clean. You won’t have to worry about potty training accidents throughout the day or mud stains if it rains.
  9. Dog day camp allows you some free time to run errands or get a massage without worrying about your dog being home alone.
  10. Introducing a new dog into your family can sometimes be a little hard. Bring both dogs to day camp and we’ll organize the introductions. Day camp is a neutral spot where the dogs can get to know each other and play together.

So make an appointment today to experience the 10 amazing benefits of day camp