Why You Need To Try KLIMB Training

Dog Training Education

Are you tired of your dog’s reckless climbing, or unwillingness to follow basic obedience cues? Training goes beyond just teaching your dog good behaviors. It establishes a genuine, long-lasting and healthy relationship between you and your pet. There’s no better time than now, National Dog Training Education Month, to try out some of the amazing training courses available at Pawhootz Pet Resort.

In dog training, there are very many different types of methods and tools that can be utilized. We HIGHLY recommend our new KLIMB training. We have begun to incorporate this training into our Training, Lodging, and Enrichment programs.

What Is The KLIMB?

The KLIMB is a professionally designed and engineered dog training platform that can be used to help your dogs with a wide variety of things. This includes boosting their self confidence and building up their core muscles.  

How Does KLIMB Training Work?

The idea of an elevated training surface takes advantage of your dog’s natural tendency to seek a higher view point, and creates a natural barrier to confine them to his or her space. The platform was designed to have just enough space for your pup to rest comfortably, however the limited surface area also forces them to focus more and work their brains a little bit harder. Once your dog is comfortable on the platform, they start to think of it as their own space and they’ll be able to block out any distractions to focus on the cue or task at hand. 

Benefits Of KLIMB Training

If you’ve begun to notice that your dog is getting bored easily, then KLIMB training is a great alternative. It keeps your dogs mentally and physically stimulated no matter their size. KLIMB training is not breed specific so pups of all shapes and sizes are welcome to try it for themselves.


KLIMB training presents positive challenges and obstacles for your dog to reinforce more positive behaviors and cues. As you work and train together in class, you will learn more about how your pet works and learns. The positive reinforcement in KLIMB training is especially good for:

  • Obedience Training
  • Training Against Bad Habits
  • Sports and Agility Training

The best part about KLIMB training is that it is easily applicable and beneficial when you’re outside of the classroom. KLIMB training is a good way to teach your dog to stay or settle in a particular spot, which is especially handy when you’re trying to greet a new guest, or prepare a meal in the kitchen. 

What To Expect In Class

Sounds as easy as 1-2-3, but KLIMB training is truly a step-by-step process that we’re happy to help you and your pet with in class. We will start by using treats to try and guide your dog to the KLIMB platform. Once your dog is comfortable enough to start flat on the floor near the KLIMB, they may start to get curious and experiment by putting up one paw at a time. 

As your dog gains confidence working with the KLIMB, you can begin to add  legs and even get them to sit on the KLIMB. If your dog is a real pro and they’re breezing through the training, then you can begin to challenge them even more by raising the platform higher, putting it at a slope, or even having them back up onto it instead. 

Pawhootz Pet Resort

At Pawhootz, we are committed to bringing you the most relevant and up to date dog training methods. Ready to try KLIMB training? Contact us to sign up now! 

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