Whiskey: January Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we have the privilege of welcoming a diverse group of furry friends through our doors every month. These pets enrich our lives with their unique personalities and stories. In January 2021, we had the pleasure of spotlighting a very special canine companion: Whiskey – our Pal Of The Month. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Whiskey so extraordinary as we sit down for an interview with his humans.

Whiskey’s Story

A New Family Member

Whiskey’s journey as a beloved family member began on April 21, 2020, when he joined his human family. They got him from a breeder during the quarantine shutdown, a period when many people were spending more time at home. For Whiskey’s humans, those three months at home were transformed by their new furry addition, who quickly became the highlight of their days.

The Early Days

Whiskey was just eight weeks old when he joined the family, making him a tiny ball of fur and energy. During those early days, his humans took the opportunity to bond and train with him, setting the stage for the incredible connection they share today.

Getting to Know Whiskey

Personality in Five Words

To describe Whiskey’s personality in five words, his humans chose: loving, intelligent, energetic, friendly, and loyal. These qualities make Whiskey an ideal companion, both at home and during his visits to PawHootz Pet Resort.

Whiskey’s Favorites

Whiskey has some clear preferences when it comes to food, treats, and toys. His favorite food is cheese, and he absolutely adores better belly lamb sticks as treats. When it comes to toys, Whiskey’s heart belongs to Frisbees and anything suitable for a game of tug of war. However, his ultimate favorite is his mom, who he follows everywhere. From the bedroom to the bathroom and back, Whiskey is his mom’s loyal shadow.

Adorable Quirks

Whiskey’s charm extends to his adorable quirks. When he gets excited, he shakes his little booty, a sight that undoubtedly melts hearts. Additionally, Whiskey is quite smart; he’s been trained to ring a bell to signal when he needs to go potty. He also knows a variety of tricks, including a special one called “business deal” for shaking hands. On walks, Whiskey always manages to find the biggest stick to carry, showcasing his playful nature. And he’s not afraid of the water, happily joining his family on boat rides and jet ski adventures.

Special Role

Whiskey’s importance in his family extends beyond being a beloved pet. He has the unique honor of being the ring bearer at his humans’ wedding on May 12, a testament to the deep bond they share.

Whiskey’s Love for PawHootz Pet Resort

Whiskey thoroughly enjoys his visits to PawHootz Pet Resort, and his enthusiasm shines when he’s surrounded by his furry friends. His favorite part? Playing with all the other dogs and, of course, soaking up all the love and attention from our dedicated counselors.

At PawHootz Pet Resort, each furry friend is a cherished member of our extended family. Whiskey’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the joy and love our pets bring into our lives. We look forward to celebrating many more wonderful pals like Whiskey in the months to come. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories from our pet-loving community!


Whiskey: January Pal of the Month - as a puppy chewing a dog bone toy
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