Whiskey: January Pal of the Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we make lots of furry friends! This month, we’re going to showcase a
special canine companion who loves spending time with us and her own canine companions.
Let’s give a warm round of a-paws to the January 2021 Pal of the Month: Whiskey! We
interviewed Mr. Whiskey’s humans to learn more about what makes this pup so special.

Q: Does Whiskey have any special nicknames?
A: Whiskey
Q: When is his birthday, and how do you celebrate it?
A: February 25, 2020. He hasn’t had his first birthday yet. But the plan is to have a party with his puppy friends and give him all the love and treats he deserves.
Q: How did Whiskey become a member of your family?
A: On April 21, 2020, We got him from a breeder. We got him during the quarantine shutdown. I was stuck at home for three months and he has the highlight of my day (and still is). We got to do a lot of bonding and training during that time.
Q: How old was he when he joined your family?
A: 8 weeks old.
Q: How would you describe Whiskey’s personality in five words?
A: Loving, intelligent, energetic, friendly, loyal
Q: What is his favorite food, treat, toy or other thing?
A: Food-cheese, treat-better belly lamb stick, toy- Frisbie or anything to play tug of war, Me (His Mom) Whiskey is my little shadow. He follows me everywhere. Even when I get out of bed to go to the bathroom, he will follow me and follows me back to bed.
Q: What is the cutest, smartest or most interesting thing Whiskey does?
A: When Whiskey gets excited he shakes his little booty. It’s so cute! He rings a bell to go potty. He knows a lot of tricks…for a shake, we say business deal. When we go on walks Whiskey always finds the biggest stick to carry. Whiskey loves water. He goes out on the boat and jet ski with us. He is going to be our ring bearer at our wedding on May 12. Every night Daniel (his dad) eats captain crunch cereal and Whiskey will sit very pretty and wait for Daniel to give him a few pieces.
Q: What is his favorite thing about PawHootz Pet Resort?
A: Playing with all the other dogs and all the love and attention he gets from the counselors.

As you can see, Whiskey is a special friend, Congratulations for being our January PawHootz Pal of The Month!
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