Teddy & Dakota: February Palz Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we make lots of furry friends! This month, we’re going to showcase two special canine companions who love spending time with us and their own canine companions. Let’s give a warm round of a-paws to the February 2021 Palz of the Month: Teddy & Dakota! We interviewed their humans to learn more about what makes these pups so special.

Teddy & Dakota: The Dynamic Duo

Meet Teddy and Dakota, our February 2021 Palz of the Month.

Teddy, as he is lovingly known, doesn’t have any special nicknames. Dakota, on the other hand, goes by Walter Dakota.

Both Teddy and Dakota share the same birthday: December 13, 2018. They became cherished members of their respective families at the tender age of 10 weeks.

Describing their personalities is a delightful task. Teddy’s charm is encapsulated in words like loveable, cuddler, friendly, cute, and precious. Dakota, on the other paw, embodies loyalty, intelligence, expressiveness, a healthy appetite, and a generous dose of goofiness.

When it comes to their favorite things, Teddy savors treats, especially when they involve peanut butter hidden in a ball. Meanwhile, Dakota has a passion for bright yellow tennis balls that he simply can’t resist.

The quirks and special moments of these two pups add joy to their families’ lives. Teddy enjoys being held like a baby and happily allows you to carry him around all day. His appearance can be deceiving, often mistaken for a doodle, but it’s because, as a poodle, he still sports a long tail. On the other hand, Dakota’s unique trait is his obsession with bright yellow tennis balls. Despite his substantial size, weighing in at 96 lbs, he is remarkably gentle and kind.

As for their favorite thing about PawHootz Pet Resort, Teddy can’t contain his excitement when the car turns into the parking area. He yelps with glee, knowing that the adventure is about to begin, and when Wendi, a familiar face, appears, he goes absolutely wild. Dakota’s joy at PawHootz is found in his friendship with Mr. Zak, a cherished companion.

The PawHootz Experience

At PawHootz Pet Resort, every pet is treated like family. Teddy and Dakota’s unique personalities and preferences are just a glimpse into the diverse world of our furry guests. Each pet holds a special place in our hearts, and we can’t wait to introduce you to more of our wonderful Palz of the Month in the future. Stay tuned for additional heartwarming stories and adorable pet profiles coming your way!

Teddy & Dakota: February Palz of the Month - both as puppies staring into the distance
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