Sybil: September Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, every month brings us the joy of making new furry friends. This September, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on a special canine companion who not only loves spending time with us but also brings boundless energy and sweetness to our facility. Please join us in giving a warm round of applause to our September 2022 Pal of the Month: Sybil! To get to know Sybil better, we sat down with her humans and learned what makes her such a remarkable pup.

Sybil: A Playful and Sweet Companion

Sybil, affectionately known as Sybil, was born on May 17th, 2020, and her birthday celebrations involve lots of treats – a day we can all get behind! She became a cherished member of her family after a journey to Alabama, where they welcomed her into their hearts. Interestingly, she officially earned her spot in the family when she demonstrated her lawn-mowing prowess!

Sybil’s Infectious Personality in Five Words

If we were to describe Sybil’s personality in five words, it would be playful, excited, sweet, energetic, and loving. These words paint a vivid picture of a dog who radiates enthusiasm and affection in every interaction.

Sybil’s Favorite Things

Sybil’s list of favorites includes a pink toy bone that squeaks, bringing hours of joy and play. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of her personality is her talent for changing light bulbs – a unique and impressive skill for a furry friend.

Sybil’s Love for PawHootz Pet Resort

Sybil’s enthusiasm isn’t limited to her family; she extends it to everyone at PawHootz Pet Resort. To her, everyone here is super awesome, making each visit a delightful experience.

In Sybil, we’ve found a furry companion who embodies the spirit of fun, love, and enthusiasm. Her infectious energy is a source of joy for us, and she truly deserves the title of our September 2022 Pal of the Month. We can’t wait to see what adventures and memorable moments the future holds for Sybil at PawHootz Pet Resort. Congratulations once again to Sybil for Pal of the Month!

Sybil the dog sitting
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