Stella & Leia : September Palz Of The Month

Everyone please give a round of apaws for our Palz Of The Month!

Stella & Leia!🐾

Home Life & History:

At 6 weeks old – both of these cuties were adopted by the Hudiburg family! Both Stella and Leia are just full of snuggles and love. At home – Leia likes to watch TV and Stella loves to cuddle. They go crazy for catnip.

PawHootz Life:

At PawHootz – they love to be in charge and take the lead over their other furry palz. They come in frequently for cat lodging/boarding for enrichment and grooming (although Stella protests a bit when getting in her bath, she still loves it and relaxes). Stella loves to lazily lounge around on the resort team’s lap and will not move unless a treat is present; she is very treat-motivated.  Leia is more sneaky and stealthy – she gives our team a spook every once in a while – which is fitting for the upcoming season! She also loves to play with the toys – especially the loud ones as she is more rowdy and playful than Stella (we do love a nice cuddly loungy cat). The both of them together are like yin and yang – complete opposites but best friends regardless!

Congratulations Stella & Leia!

Thank you for being our spunky and loveable pals.♥️

Palz of the month: Stella lounging on a chair
Palz of the month: Leia going through a cat tunnel
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