Scruffy Smith : March Pal Of The Month

It’s time for everyone to gather ’round and give a hearty round of apaws for our Pal of the Month – Scruffy Smith, affectionately known as Scruffy! Born on a beautiful summer day, June 11, 2021, Scruffy has indeed brought a ray of sunshine into the lives of all who know him. Let’s dive into his heartwarming story.🐾

A New Beginning and a Forever Home

Scruffy’s journey began when he was just 9 weeks old, finding his forever home with his mom. It was a time when she needed a new friend and some much-needed sunshine after the loss of her elderly pup. Scruffy’s arrival was like a breath of fresh air, bringing joy and vitality into their lives.

Scruffy’s Fur-tastic Personality

Scruffy is a true all-star when it comes to his personality. He’s energetic and playful, especially when romping around with his best furry friends, Pippa K. and Chalupa. Yet, he’s equally fond of cuddles with his favorite people, and his number one here at PawHootz is Eidan. His sense of humor shines through in his passion for singing, as he practices for his headlining gig at the Barking Loud Music Festival. He’ll sing his heart out to anyone who will listen!

When Scruffy isn’t ruffhousing with his pals at PawHootz or preparing for his music career, you can find him snuggled up next to his mom, savoring his favorite snack – “Stinky Sticks,” aka Collagen Chew Sticks. But that’s not all; Scruffy enjoys some pawesome vacations up North in Washington state. His fur-avorite activity during these trips is chasing tails while on boating excursions.

A Heartfelt Celebration

Scruffy Smith is our Pal of the Month, and it’s a well-deserved honor. His lovable and cuddly nature has made him a beloved member of his family and the PawHootz community. Let’s come together to celebrate the joy and companionship that Scruffy brings into the lives of those around him.❤️

Scruffy lounging and lodging

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