Sam: June Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, every month, we have the privilege of celebrating one special canine companion as our Dog of the Month. This June, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sam, a delightful pup who has stolen our hearts. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Sam such a cherished member of our PawHootz family.

Sam’s Arrival into Our Lives

Sam became a part of his loving family on a snowy day in 2015. He was a tiny, six-week-old puppy when they welcomed him into their home. His humans, who affectionately call him Sam, were drawn to his big, endearing personality right from the start. In fact, his size played a role in their decision to bring him home. Standing at 6’5″, Sam’s owner picked the biggest puppy in the litter, and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

A Personality That Shines

Sam’s personality can be described in just five words: sweet, trouble, friendly, curious, and crazy. He’s a bundle of energy and charm, always ready to embark on adventures and explore the world around him. Whether it’s a new toy, a tasty treat, or simply some quality playtime, Sam approaches life with boundless enthusiasm.

Sam’s Culinary Adventures

When it comes to food, Sam is an enthusiast. There’s hardly a dish he doesn’t like. But if you want to see his eyes light up, just offer him some cheese or peanut butter. These are his absolute favorites. However, his culinary escapades don’t end there. Sam has a knack for finding hidden treasures in the trash can, and he’s even managed to swallow a fair share of socks, much to the chagrin of his humans. Fortunately, he’s always lived to tell the tale.

Sam’s Heart of Gold

One of the most heartwarming things about Sam is his instinctive protectiveness. During a special time in his human’s life, Sam demonstrated an incredible sense of care. When his owner was pregnant, Sam would position himself between her and anyone they passed during their walks. It was as if he sensed the changes happening in the family and wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

PawHootz Pet Resort: Sam’s Happy Place

While Sam enjoys playing with other dogs, what he loves most about PawHootz Pet Resort is the attention and care he receives from our dedicated staff. When he spends time with us, he not only gets to interact with his canine companions but also enjoys the undivided affection of our team. And when he returns home, he’s not just tired; he’s happy.

Sam’s story is a shining example of the wonderful pets we have the pleasure of meeting at PawHootz Pet Resort. We look forward to celebrating more of these incredible companions in the months to come. But for now, let’s give a big round of applause and a-paws to our June 2020 Dog of the Month, Sam!



Pal of the month, Sam, when he was just a puppy - sitting on gravel.
As you can see, Sam is a special friend, Congratulations for being our June PawHootz Pal of The Month! Is your pup looking for canine companions of his or her own? Consider an adventure at Doggie Day Camp at PawHootz Pet Resort! 

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