Sadie Grace: May Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, our days are filled with furry friends, each with their unique charm. This month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sadie Grace, our May 2021 Pal of the Month. Sadie Grace is an extraordinary canine companion who not only enjoys our company but also cherishes her time with fellow dogs. Let’s dive into what makes Sadie Grace such a special and beloved member of our extended family.

Sadie Grace’s Journey: From Stray to Beloved Family Member

Sadie Grace’s journey into her loving family’s life began as a heartwarming rescue story. She was found outside an office, taking shelter in a storm drain. Initially, she went home with a co-worker, but it didn’t quite work out. Eventually, she found her forever home with her current human. Sadie Grace was around 7 months old when she became a cherished member of their family.

The Adorable and Unique Side of Sadie Grace

Describing Sadie Grace’s personality in five words, her humans chose: sweet, compassionate, diva, funny, and particular. These traits give us a glimpse of a pup who is not only affectionate but also has a unique flair.

But Sadie Grace’s charm goes beyond her personality. She has specific favorites when it comes to food, treats, and toys. Her beloved treats are stinky liver treats (dried liver), and her go-to toy is a fuzzy red bone with a squeaker. In the evenings, she loves engaging in the “bite game” and playfully tries to steal her human’s shoe, but if the foot comes out, she stops and kindly returns the shoe for them to put on.

The Heartwarming Habits of Sadie Grace

Sadie Grace has some heartwarming habits that make her even more special. One of her endearing routines is putting her humans to bed. She stays in her owner’s room until bedtime, then heads to her mother’s room. In the morning, just before the alarm clock goes off, she returns to her owner’s room to ensure they wake up on time. Sadie Grace also has a remarkable ability to sense when someone needs emotional support, often laying on their feet to provide comfort. Interestingly, she appears to understand the news too, leaving the room when someone coughs until the air is clear – no COVID for Ms. Sadie Grace!

Sadie Grace’s Favorites at PawHootz Pet Resort

What does Sadie Grace love most about PawHootz Pet Resort? It’s all about her friends and the extra cuddles she receives here! She also has a fondness for the pool, which she surprisingly refuses to get into at home.

As we celebrate Sadie Grace as our May 2021 Pal of the Month, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about this exceptional pup. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and furry friends in the months to come as we continue to celebrate the incredible bond between pets and their loving families.


Sadie Grace: May Pal Of The Month - sitting wearing a bright orange bandana
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