Relaxing Your Dog Before Grooming

When it comes to common fears, such as public speaking, spiders, and standardized tests, dogs, while not concerned about acing the SAT, can indeed experience anxiety. One common source of this anxiety is a trip to the groomer. The mere mention of grooming can trigger a look of panic in your pet. But once your furry friend becomes more fur than dog, it’s time to manage that shaggy mane. Relaxing your dog before grooming helps your pup AND the groomer. Here are tips to keep your dog calm:

1. Exercise: Regular exercise can alleviate anxiety by releasing endorphins and easing tension.

2. Calming Caps: These caps reduce visual and auditory stimuli, providing a soothing, swaddling effect and dampening salon noises.

3. Bathing: While daily baths aren’t necessary, thorough shampoo and conditioner massage are vital for removing debris, dirt, and tangles.

4. Soothing Music: Research shows calming music can help dogs relax by covering up unsettling sounds.

5. Pet-Safe CBD: Consider CBD products designed for pets.

6. Explore Surroundings: Let your pet become familiar with the grooming area and tools.

At Pawhootz, our certified groomers specialize in ensuring your pet feels safe and content throughout the grooming process. We’ll leave your furry friend squeaky clean with a shiny coat, and they’ll even receive a bandana and a spritz of cologne!

Relaxing your dog before grooming: dog staying calm on stand enjoying grooming session
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