Recall: Dog Training

Training dogs to come when called is essential for their safety and your peace of mind. However, some dogs may struggle with this command. In this guide, we’ll explore strategies to enhance your dog’s recall, ensuring that they respond enthusiastically whenever you call them.

Choosing the Right Command

If your dog isn’t responding well to the traditional “come” command, consider switching to a different cue like “here” or “close.” It’s important to avoid confusion, so pick a new word that hasn’t been used in your training sessions before.

Training Games

1. Hide and Seek

  • One person holds the dog while the other hides.
  • The hider calls the dog, and when released, the dog seeks them out.
  • Encourage the dog in the right direction if needed.
  • Reward the dog with treats, playtime, or verbal praise upon finding the hider.

2. Recall Game

  • Requires two people.
  • Each person takes turns calling the dog in an upbeat voice.
  • When the dog comes to the caller, a click and treat are given.
  • Rotate between callers, increasing distance and distractions over time.

3. Tunnel Come

  • Position your dog about 4 feet away from you.
  • Ask the dog to come, and when they move toward you, praise.
  • Throw the treat past you, under your legs, and call the dog in the opposite direction while they eat.

4. Come and Run

  • Ask the dog to come and, as they approach, praise and run away.
  • Encourage your dog to chase you a bit, then reward with play and treats.

Training Tips

  • Never Use “Come” to End Fun
    • Avoid using the recall command when ending enjoyable activities, like playtime or socializing.
    • Instead, approach the dog directly or use toys to guide them.
  • No Punishment for Coming
    • Never reprimand your dog for responding to the recall command.
    • Even if your dog delays, still reward them when they finally come.
  • Short and Engaging Sessions
    • Keep training sessions and games short to maintain your dog’s interest.
    • Leaving your dog wanting more ensures enthusiasm for future training.

By implementing these techniques and being consistent with your training, you can significantly improve your dog’s recall, making it a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both of you. If you still seem to see a struggle, consider booking a session with our trainer!

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