Reasons to Bring Your Pets To PawHootz this Holiday Season

The holidays are a fun time for you and your family. But they can also be stressful, busy and crowded, not only for you but for your furry friends. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to let PawHootz care for your pets this holiday season.

1. There’s not enough time in the day.

You love your fur babies, but when things start getting furry, er, hairy around the house, you may run out of time in your day to play with them. It’s important that your four-legged pals get exercise and attention throughout the day, especially if you’re home. If not, they may start to feel a little left out.

If you are working outside the home, running holiday errands, shopping, or preparing the house,  Doggie Day Camp is the perfect solution. With fun activities like frisbee catching, ball chasing, pool lounging, and tug-of-rope, we promise a full day of enrichment they won’t forget. 

2. Your dogs need a lot of attention.

  Sure, some breeds could lay around the house all day and not be bothered by the holiday bustle going on around them (Hello puggers!). Then there are those breeds that can’t be left by themselves for an hour, let alone a whole day. If you have any sort of shepherds, spaniels, collies, dalmations, or other hyperactive breed, they need to be walked several times a day to avoid boredom and moodiness.

When the days grow long and extremely busy, board your dogs. PawHootz will provide them with three good walks a day and two full play sessions with other dogs. Rest assured, all dogs are screened for behavior and are slowly introduced before being allowed to run the playroom together. Dogs are pack animals and love nothing better than finding more friends to add to their pack.

3. Cats want to have fun too.

Many people think that the aloof nature of a cat means that they are perfectly okay to leave home alone so long as the cat boxes are clean and there’s a large bowl of water and food. The truth is, cats need human interaction and mental stimulation, just like their canine counterparts. When they don’t have it, they get depressed, scared and even destructive.

With the cat boarding service Dallas residents receive at PawHootz, the cats have dozens of toys to help stimulate their minds and keep their cat instincts sharp. If your kitties have favorite toys, we encourage you to bring those with you when you drop them off. Otherwise the expert staff here will find the right toys to keep your feline furballs content during their stay.

Kitties have their own playroom to explore and play with other friendly felines. Don’t worry, we will carefully and slowly introduce new cats given they can be pretty particular about their playmates. Your pet’s safety and happiness is our priority.


4. Your pets will be safe and sound.

Many people travel during the holidays to visit family or friends out of town, but not every family member may be welcome on your trip. We’re talking fur babies, not Aunt Jean. We don’t know what’s going on with Aunt Jean…

PawHootz Pet Resort offers boarding for both your dogs and cats. By leaving them with us, you can go away knowing your pets are well-cared for, happy and very safe. With the possibility of home break-ins, fires and accidents looming while you’re gone, wouldn’t you feel so much more at ease with your pets at PawHootz?

Plus! At PawHootz there are large multi-dog suites for families with more than one dog. This way, the palz they recognize most and spend their days with are not separated from them. They get all the exercise and playtime they need and you get to feel like a really good pet parent.

5. You’re hosting the family celebration and somebody’s allergic

There’s always one or two people in every family that are allergic to cats or dogs. If Grandma or Great Uncle Pete is going to be staying with you this year, you don’t want any relative sneezy, itchy and miserable because he/she is allergic to Fido or Fluffy. By boarding your pets, the pets get a great holiday away and your extended family doesn’t suffer from their pet allergies. It’s a win-win situation.

6. It’s like giving your pets a super-fun gift

Imagine how you would feel if someone gave you a few days in a spa resort. You’d be over the moon, wouldn’t you? “Hoomans” are notorious for pampering their pets to the extreme, and by boarding your furry friends you’d be doing nothing less. Don’t think of it as leaving them behind; think of it as spoiling them with lots of attention, playtime and a fun adventure away from home. They’ll love it and be excited to see you at pick-up. 

Ready to book your pet’s stay with PawHootz?

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