Pippa: January Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we joyfully make new furry friends every month. This December, we’re excited to introduce you to a very special pup. She not only enjoys her time with us but also shares an incredible bond with her furry pals. Please join us in giving a resounding round of apaws for our Pal of the Month: Pippa!

Meet Pippa: The Pawsitively Remarkable Pup

Pippa, affectionately known as Pips to her family and friends, found her forever home with the Joshi family when they adopted her from a rescue organization at just 4 months old. Every year, on her “gotcha day” on April 24th, Pippa’s family treats her to a paw-some celebration filled with an array of yummy treats, a fun trip to the dog park, and a special cookie cake that would make any pup say “Bone-appetite!”

When she’s not dazzling everyone with pawsome high fives in exchange for treats or enjoying her time as a cozy couch potato, Pippa can be found enthusiastically chewing on her favorite bone or cuddling with her beloved stuffed animals, always next to her mom. But her true zest for life shines when she’s surrounded by her pals at PawHootz, especially her best furry friends Aspen and Zayda.

Pippa’s Love for Playtime and Cuddles

Pippa fills her days with endless energy as she darts around, engaging in lively playtime with her furry pals. However, it’s not just play that lights up her life; she also cherishes the cuddles and affection she receives from our resort staff, with a special shoutout to her bestie Ariel.

In Pippa, we’ve found a furry companion who embodies the spirit of joy, playfulness, and love. Her infectious energy and endearing personality make her a perfect choice for our December 2022 Pal of the Month. We eagerly anticipate the countless delightful moments and heartwarming interactions that await Pippa at PawHootz Pet Resort.

PawHoots Pet Resort Pal of the Month, Pippa

Congratulations Pippa! Thanks for being our goofy and loveable pal! ????

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