Picking A Rescue

Pet rescues are always heart-warming and touching. Finding the perfect pet for you family can happen in many different ways. Some people will search for a breeder while others prefer to visit a shelter and adopt instead.

Shelters and rescues, like the dogs and cats that live in them, come in many different shapes and sizes. Some rescues are breed specific which means you can get that breed of dog you have been dreaming about, while others house every type of pet from pure breeds to mixes. Picking the right pet shelter is important and here are a few things to look out for.

1.Non-profit Organizations

Make sure it is a non-profit organization. This shows they really care about the dogs and cats that are living with them, they are not in it for the money. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t charge an adoption fee. Non-profit organizations primarily function off donations and fees in order to keep them running for the greater good. These fees and donations are important. They cover feeding, immunization, spay or neutering, and in some cases medication for the pets. Many rescues are no kill organizations – animals are in there until adoption or death by natural causes.

2.Clean Shelter

Look for a clean place. Many rescues have websites that will show how and where their pets are kept. You can also ask for a tour of their facilities to make sure the pets are being kept in adequate enclosures. Many dog rescues and shelters might have been around for a long time, making it look a bit worn out. This is normal and okay as long as it is clean. A clean place shows that their standards of care are high and that the health of the pets living in their shelter is important to them.

Behavioral Assessments

Make sure they provide behavioral assessments of their pets. The more you know about your new pet the better chance you’ll have of finding a great match. Some cat and dog rescues./shelter work through a foster program and these can be a great asset as the pets are kept in a home environment. This means the foster pet parents can provide a lot of behavioral and personality information about each pet staying with them.


The rescue/shelter should have as many questions for you as you have for them. This shows that they are interested in placing these pets in forever homes rather than just adopting out at a fast pace. Their questions are meant to match you and your family with the best dog available to fit your lifestyle so try to be as detailed as you can. Most pet rescues and shelters are busy, but they should take the time to work with you, answer all your questions as best they can, and allow plenty of time for you to meet the pets.

Adopting a new pet for your household is a big deal and you should give yourself some time to think and discuss with all family members before making a decision. After all, we want that new pet to stay with you for their entire lifetime.

Continue reading about this topic to ensure you are making the right choice when it comes to pet rescues and shelters.

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