Pet Training Made Easy, With Levels Program

Pet Training...But Better

Pet training at PawHootz now includes the most innovative, flexible and cost-effective way to take group dog obedience classes. We now offer “memberships” so you and your dog can take as much or as little training as you want with the schedule you need. This new initiative is exclusive to Levels Training members during their enrollment period. 

The Levels Program is divided into four sections based on skill. As the dog progresses, new cues are introduced and old ones are practiced with increased challenges of distractions, duration, and distance. Before moving to the next level, your pup must complete certain requirements and it is up to the pet and pet parent how quickly you advance. 

This is not your traditional instruction. Classes are constantly in motion, beginning about every four weeks – so there are always opportunities to enroll! We combine similarly skilled dogs so that their needs are assessed and guided accordingly. There is no such thing as failure in this program because every pet is different.  There are no requirements or pressure to move to another level. Students can even revisit lower levels at any time to brush up on previous skills. The constant movement of dogs in and out of these classes simulates everyday distractions and helps to build their skill level faster. Your schedule is your own; build it out according to your life. All are welcome to attend more than one session a week should they so choose. 

For more information about the Levels Program contact PawHootz at (817) 498.6410 or visit our website