PawHootz June Pal of the Month: Mickey

                            PawHootz June Pal of the Month: Mickey H!

3 pics cliped to a string of Mickey H against a wooden background

This month, we’re thrilled to celebrate a very special furry friend who brings joy and laughter wherever she goes. Meet Mickey H., or as her parents affectionately call her, Mickaleta. Mickey is a spirited chocolate lab who has been lighting up lives since she was born on June 9th, 2010. Just three short months later, she found her forever home, where she has been showered with love and affection ever since.

Mickey laying in her bed on her back showing her belly.

Mickey is not your average pup. She has a zest for life that’s truly infectious. One of her favorite pastimes is having fun in the sun. Mickey has a special trick: she lets herself out for a refreshing swim in the family pool. It’s a sight to behold, watching her paddle around with pure bliss on her face.

When she’s not making a splash, Mickey has a quirky habit that always brings a smile to her mom’s face. Her favorite toy isn’t a squeaky ball or a chew toy—it’s her mom’s slipper! Mickey carries it around with pride, a testament to her playful and endearing nature.

Mickey outside with a long tree branch in her mouth.

Here at Pawhootz, Mickey is a beloved member of our furry family. She adores cuddling with the staff, soaking up all the love and attention she can get. And let’s not forget the treats! Mickey has a few favorites that she eagerly looks forward to during her visits.

Thank you, Mickey, for being such a friendly and funny pal. You make every day a little brighter with your loving personality and playful antics. We’re so happy to have you as our Pal of the Month!

Mickey with a ball in her mouth out in the snow.

Let’s give Mickey a big round of ap-paws for all the joy she brings to everyone she meets!

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