Pandora, Phoebe, & Dixie Cox: December Palz Of The Month

Let’s give a round of apaws for our Palz Of The Month – : Pandora (Panda), Phoebe, and Dixie. These three four-legged friends are not just pets; they are cherished members of the Cox family. Let’s get to know them a little better.🐾 


Pandora (Panda) – The Independent Diva 

Pandora, affectionately known as Panda, was handpicked from a breeder and joined Candace’s family when she was just 7 weeks old, born February 24. This independent diva is a unique blend of traits, including independence, sassiness, talkativeness, a great sense of humor, and an alpha personality. One of her quirks is her love for diving into a pile of blankets and rolling around in them – a hilarious sight to behold. 


palz of the month - pandora


Phoebe – The Playful Protector 

Phoebe, with her birthday on May 5th, came into Candace’s life when she was 8 months old, adopted from a rescue group. She’s a playful, persistent, and protective soul who loves nothing more than playing with her beloved ball. When she’s not chasing her favorite toy, she’s known for her adorable snuggle sessions, making her a heart-melting companion. 


palz of the month - phoebe

Dixie – The Loyal Obedient 

Dixie’s story is unique; she became a member of Candace’s family when she was 4 years old, adopted from another family member who was re-homing her. Loyal, protective, obedient, and an alpha in her own right, Dixie’s favorite pastime is gnawing on antler bones. But what truly melts hearts is her habit of snuggling up and exposing her belly, inviting belly rubs from her human companions! 


palz of the month - Dixie



Their Love for PawHootz Pet Resort 

All three pups share a common love – socializing with other doggies at PawHootz Pet Resort. It’s a place where they can make new friends and have a blast. Their owners know they’re in good hands.♥️ 


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