New Puppy Tips

Getting a pup can be quite stressful and chaotic, yet very fulfilling. However, starting your puppy off on the right track can be easy with the following tips:

Potty Training

Potty training is all about staying ahead of their needs. Make potty breaks frequent and consistent. Keep your puppy on a feeding and drinking schedule so you can predict when they’ll need to go potty. Never reprimand your puppy for accidents, just reward enthusiastically when they go where they are supposed to.


All puppies need to chew so, provide several different types of toys to chew on. Never give them shoes or socks – unless you want all your shoes and socks to be toys. Don’t allow nipping on humans no matter the size of the dog.

Safe Spot

All puppies will chew things and get into things occasionally. By providing a safe spot you can prevent some of these mishaps. You can use a crate or a small room. Make sure the spot is clear of rugs, baskets, cords and anything else your pup might decide to chew on. You can also use this spot as a time out or somewhere the puppy can rest while you are busy. This is where you can put your puppy while you shower or if you need to leave for work.


Exercise your new puppy regularly. Tired dogs are less likely to get into trouble or cause havoc. Exercise can be: running around, going for a walk, playing with other puppies, playing fetch or tug, and more. By providing different activities, your puppy will be less energetic and less likely to become destructive.


Enroll in a training class. Training is a must for all puppies and group classes are a great way to have your dog not only learn all sorts of great behaviors, but also interact with other humans and other dogs. Here at Pawhootz, we offer various training for your dog.

Spend at least 15 minutes a day practicing. Commands like sit, down, come, wait and walking politely on a leash are all great tools to have throughout your dog’s lifetime.

Socializing and Adapting

Getting your puppy used to the world they live in is very important. Have your puppy handled by all your friends and family. Make sure you pair things like nail clipping, brushing and ear cleaning with something fun or delicious so they will be comfortable with all of it as they grow older. Consider enrolling your dog to training or a dog daycare in order to socialize with other dogs and prevent aggressive behaviors from developing.

Take your puppy with you wherever they are welcome, the pet food store, the vet, the hardware store, etc. The more things they experience at an early age, the easier it will be for them to adapt to changes in their life later on.

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