Nala: January Pal Of The Month

PawHootz Pet Resort warmly welcomes all our furry friends into our close-knit community. This month, we’re excited to introduce you to our January 2022 Pal of the Month: Nala! Nala is a special canine companion who thoroughly enjoys her time at our resort, surrounded by her fellow four-legged friends. To help you get better acquainted with Nala, we had the privilege of speaking with her humans, who shared valuable insights into what makes Nala such a cherished member of their family.

Nala, affectionately known as “The Queen” and often spoiled, made her debut on August 11, 2010. Her family selected her from a breeder in Missouri when she was just four months old. She joins a lineage of Labradors that have been a part of their lives for 45 years, following in the pawprints of Liebe, Nolan & Ryan, and Emmy. One of Nala’s most endearing qualities is her willingness to relish any food that happens to drop on the floor – a true Labrador trait! Moreover, Nala is well-known for a playful and fun attitude. Nala often plays in the water with her pet parents’ grandkids. After a refreshing swim, she races around the yard and engages in a lively game of slip and slide. At PawHootz Pet Resort, Nala thoroughly enjoys the attention she receives, particularly from Cindy, which enhances her stay and makes it all the more enjoyable. Congratulations to Nala for being PawHootz Pet Resort’s Pal of the Month for January 2022!

Nala: January Pal Of The Month - celebrating her birthday at PawHootz doggy day care
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