Nacho & Max: August Palz Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, our furry friends bring endless joy. This month, we proudly present our August 2021 Palz of the Month: Nacho and Max. These two exceptional canine companions adore spending time with us and their fellow furry pals. Join us as we explore what makes Nacho and Max so special.

Nicknames and Birthdays

Nacho, affectionately known as Nachiru, celebrates his birthday on January 31st, while Max, often called Maximiliano, marks his special day on June 7th. Their humans ensure they have super special treats to commemorate these occasions.

Rescue Stories

Nacho found his forever home from a chihuahua rescue center in Ohio, and Max was adopted from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. They joined their family at the age of 1, each with their unique tales of rescue.

Five-Word Personalities

Nacho’s personality can be summed up as mischievous, protective, loyal, snuggly, and sweet, while Max is described as shy, sweet, playful, curious, and laid-back.

Favorite Things

Nacho loves playing with plastic water bottles, and Max cherishes his teddy bear.

Adorable Habits

Nacho’s bedtime snuggles under the covers are a heart-melting sight, but in the morning, he wakes up right next to you with his head on your pillow, just like a human. Max’s cutest moments include his joyous reaction when he knows it’s time for a walk – he smiles, wags his tail, and jumps with excitement.

PawHootz Pet Resort’s Charms

Nacho and Max adore the playtime, treats, and attention they receive from our counselors at PawHootz Pet Resort. They relish being loved by both humans and their four-legged friends. Their socialization and confidence have grown, thanks to their time with us.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Nacho and Max have come a long way, rescuing their humans as much as they were rescued. They’ve brought love, joy, and purpose to their lives, and their journey continues to be a source of gratitude. Their time at PawHootz has helped them socialize and build confidence around other dogs, making their story even more heartwarming.

As we celebrate Nacho and Max as our August 2021 Palz of the Month, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these remarkable pups. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and furry friends in the coming months as we continue to celebrate the special bond between pets and their loving families.


Nacho & Max: August Palz Of The Month - both sitting and chilling on their living room floor
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