Mila and Teddy: November Palz Of The Month

Please give a round of apaws for our Palz Of The Month…Mila and Teddy!🐾

Palz of the month: Mila as a puppy


Palz of the month: Teddy as a puppy

Get To Know Them

Mila and Teddy, or better known as their alter ego’s as Mila Tequila, and Teddy Spagetti, were born on January 18th, 2018. After just 8 weeks, these two beauties were adopted into their forever family from Wild Wing Aussies! Now every year on their special day, they are celebrated in the two best and most barktastic ways: with a buffay of treats (including one of their furavorites: shredded cheese), and a plethora of snuggles and cuddles with mom!

Their Favorite Things!

Since the time these beauties were born, they have been inseparable! Even when asleep, their love for each other continues to shine as they have to sleep next to one another and hold paws with each other! When they aren’t getting their beauty sleep, they are enjoying some of their furavorite activities like car ride sing along sessions with mom, talking all the dogsip with mom or chasing tennis balls like they chase their dreams! Here at Pawhootz their ever growing love of tennis balls flourishes as they are chasing tails with their their furavorite furry friends: Mila’s bestie, Ranger F. and Teddy’s bestie Ozzy! They also love the snuggles and attention they get from their furavorite counselours Naomi and Aidin! They love to run around and play with the counselors (suckers for attention and affection).

We love having them here at PawHootz Pet Resort for playtime, snuggles, and lots of love and affection! Seeing them come up to the pet resort energeticly, lovingly, and happily makes our staff have a blast.

Congratulations Mila and Teddy! Thank you for being our wiggly and loving pals!

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