Martie: March Pal Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, every month brings the joy of meeting new furry friends. This March, we’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on a very special canine companion who has captured our hearts and those of her fellow four-legged pals. Join us in giving a warm round of a-paws to our Pal of the Month for March 2022: Martie! We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Martie’s humans to delve into what makes this pup so exceptional.

From Foster to Family: Martie’s Journey Home

Martie, short for Martina, is the name that most often dances through the air when her humans call her. It’s a name filled with warmth and affection, perfectly befitting this charming canine companion.

Martie’s journey to her forever home is a heartwarming tale. Amid the challenges of the COVID era, she found her way into the loving arms of her human family through Trinity Gap Rescue. Martie had spent over a year and a half with a foster family before capturing their hearts, becoming a cherished member of the household.

When Martie joined her family, she was estimated to be around three years old. This sweet spot in her life marked the beginning of countless adventures and shared memories.

While the exact day of Martie’s birth remains a mystery, her humans have embraced October as her unofficial birthday month. How do they celebrate? With a feast of delicious food fit for a canine queen, of course!

The Personality of Martie: Sweet, Cuddly, Energetic, Silly, and Playful

Describing Martie in five words paints a vivid picture of her vibrant personality. She is the embodiment of sweetness, offering cuddles and affection with a heart full of energy. Her playful silliness is a constant source of joy for her family.

Martie is an equal-opportunity treat lover – she adores them all. Squeaky toys hold a special place in her heart, providing hours of entertainment. But perhaps the most endearing of her habits is the way she occasionally sits on the couch, mimicking a human. It’s an irresistibly cute sight that warms the heart.

PawHootz Pet Resort: Martie’s Home Away From Home

Martie’s love for PawHootz Pet Resort knows no bounds. It’s a place where she can unleash her playful spirit and connect with her dog and human friends. Martie’s enthusiasm is palpable as she bounds through the door, ready to embark on another exciting day of fun and frolic.

Martie’s presence at PawHootz brings joy not only to her but also to the entire PawHootz family. Her friendly and playful nature makes her a beloved member of our community.

In closing, Martie’s journey from foster care to a loving home is a testament to the power of love and rescue. Her charming personality and boundless energy make her a true delight to be around. Martie’s love for PawHootz is a testament to the wonderful experiences and friendships that can be found at our resort. We look forward to sharing more adventures with Martie and all our furry friends in the months to come.


Martie: March Pal Of The Month - in the backseat of owner's car smiling


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