Luna & Titan: June Palz Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, our furry friends are a source of endless joy. This month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Luna and Titan, our June 2021 Palz of the Month. Luna and Titan are two remarkable canine companions who relish their time with us and their fellow furry friends. Join us as we dive into what makes these dynamic duo pups so extraordinary.

Luna & Titan’s Journey: From Breeder to Beloved Family

Luna and Titan’s journey into their loving family began when they were both 7 weeks old, coming from a breeder. Born on the same day, July 11, 2017, they share not only a birthday but an unbreakable bond as well.

Describing Luna & Titan in Five Words

Describing their personalities in five words, Luna is spunky, an Energizer Bunny, and driven, while Titan is goofy, a cuddle bug, and a couch potato. These descriptions offer a glimpse into their unique characters.

Favorites: Tearing Paper, Squeaky Toys, and Antlers

When it comes to their favorites, Luna enjoys tearing paper and playing with squeaky toys, while Titan can’t resist antlers and loves a game of chase with balls.

Charming Quirks: Belly Scratches and Sleepy Eyes

Luna’s charm lies in her habit of flopping on her back, inviting belly scratches from anyone willing to oblige. Titan, on the other hand, has a unique feature – he gets adorable bags under his eyes when he’s feeling sleepy.

PawHootz Pet Resort: A Favorite Place

What do Luna and Titan love most about PawHootz Pet Resort? It’s the people and the excellent care they receive here. Our team knows just how to make their stay enjoyable and ensures they have fun interacting with other dogs.

As we celebrate Luna and Titan as our June 2021 Palz of the Month, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these exceptional pups. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and furry friends in the coming months as we continue to celebrate the special bond between pets and their loving families.

Luna & Titan: June Palz Of The Month - as puppies sitting on the litchen floor with colorful bandanas around their necks
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