Maintaining Your Dog’s Luscious Locks: Long Haired Dog Grooming

As effortless as the Afghan Hound down the street may make it look, luscious long locks don’t come naturally. Even dogs can have bad hair days if their owners don’t employ the proper dog hair maintenance techniques. If you want your pet’s mane to be the talk of the town, make sure to follow these simple long haired dog grooming routines:

long hair dog grooming


Every breed of dog has a different hair texture and will need varying amounts of maintenance. Brushing your dog’s hair is essential for any pup, but for long-haired dogs, it should be a critical part of your everyday routine. 

Matted fur can be a nightmare to untangle, so it’s preferable to prevent it from forming in the first place. Research different kinds of combs and brushes that would best suit your dog’s hair type. Some combs are ideal for grooming dog faces and delicate tangles, others are fit for getting rid of mats and massive knots, and some brushes are best for assisting with shedding loose hairs.

Perfect Products

To achieve your dog’s highest quality coat, you should search for high-quality products. A long-haired pooch will likely require soap-free dog shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. 

Once you find the perfect individualized product portfolio for your pup, regular use of each of these dog grooming products will ensure shiny and soft hair that will be free of tangles and mats.


Most dogs like to play hard. Whether rolling around in the mud or running through the snow, your pup is bound to get dirty. It isn’t necessary to wash your dog every day, but the frequency of pet bathing depends on the type of dog and its lifestyle. 

When you wash your dog, make sure to scrub the shampoo and conditioner in well. You want to get rid of all of the debris, dirt, and tangles throughout its coat.


Frequent dog haircuts are mandatory for maintaining the desired look for long-haired dogs. At Pawhootz, we have an array of dog grooming services performed by expert groomers that understand the best practices and professional techniques required to trim and take care of your dog’s long hair. 

Each of our spa services at our pet resort is offered by certified groomers that specialize in making your pet feel safe and happy throughout the entire process.
If you want your long-haired dog to look its best, schedule a grooming appointment at Pawhootz Pets Resort today!