Hazelnut: May Pal Of The Month

Introducing Hazelnut, our May 2022 Pal of the Month at PawHootz Pet Resort! Hazelnut, affectionately known as Haze, is a beloved member of our pet-loving community, and we recently had the pleasure of interviewing his humans to discover what makes him so special.

Hazelnut’s Heartwarming Journey to Family

Hazelnut, or Haze as he goes by, has quite a few adorable nicknames, including Nut, Poo-Poo, Nu-Nu, Mr. Haze, and Sweet Prince. His birthday is a bit of a mystery since he was rescued, so his family celebrates his “gotcha day” on April 21st.

The story of how Hazelnut became part of this loving family is heartwarming. At the beginning of lockdown, his humans decided it was the perfect time to bring a furry friend into their lives. They found Hazelnut’s picture on Petfinder.com and, with the help of Oak Hill Animal Rescue, welcomed him into their forever home.

When Hazelnut joined their family, he was approximately 3 months old, although he may have been even younger. An interesting twist emerged when the vet suggested he might be younger than initially thought.

Hazelnut’s Endearing Quirks and Favorite Things

Describing Hazelnut’s personality in five words, his family chose loyal, cute, silly, cuddly, and kind. He has a beloved stuffed baby moose toy that has miraculously remained intact, unlike his other toys. Additionally, he enjoys munching on ice cubes, carrots, peanut butter, and cheese.

One of Hazelnut’s endearing quirks is his unique way of drinking water. Instead of sipping like a typical dog, he submerges his entire face into the water bowl, creating a watery trail throughout the house. He also has a charming habit of snuggling in bed with his humans, as if he were a little human himself.

Hazelnut’s early life wasn’t easy. He was part of a litter that was abandoned at a shelter in December 2019, and he faced several challenges. Being the runt of the litter, he had to overcome Parvo and fight for his life. This makes him a true warrior pup in his family’s eyes.

At PawHootz Pet Resort, Hazelnut finds joy in playing with other dogs and eagerly greeting his human friends during each visit. It’s a place where he gets the stimulation he needs and valuable reminders about his manners.

Hazelnut is truly a special canine companion, and we’re thrilled to have him as our Pal of the Month. Let’s give him a warm round of applause for being such an endearing member of our pet-loving community!


Hazelnut: May Pal Of The Month - as a puppy sitting
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