Hazelnut: May Pal of the Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we make lots of furry friends! This month, we’re going to showcase a
special canine companion who loves spending time with us and her canine companions.
Let’s give a warm round of a-paws to the May 2022 Pal of the Month: Hazelnut! We
interviewed Hazelnut’s humans to learn more about what makes this pup so special.

Q: What is your dogs name and do they have any special nicknames?
A: Hazelnut, but he goes by Haze! His nicknames are Nut, Poo-Poo, Nu-Nu, Mr. Haze, and Sweet Prince.
Q: When is his birthday and how do you celebrate it?
A: We actually don’t know Haze’s true birthday, because we rescued him. So, we celebrate his “gotcha day” which is April 21st!
Q: How did Hazelnut become a member of your family?
A: My husband and I were looking to rescue a pup for a while, but at the start of lockdown, we realized that we had all of this time to put into a little friend who needed a home. We saw his face on Petfinder.com and worked with Oak Hill Animal Rescue to provide him with a forever family!
Q: How old was he when he joined your family?
A: We think he was around 3 months old, but he may have been younger. When we took him to the vet, they thought that he was actually much younger than we had initially been told!
Q: How would you describe Hazelnut’s personality in five words?
A: Loyal, cute, silly, cuddly, and kind.
Q: What is his favorite food, treat, toy or other thing?
A: His favorite toy is his stuffed baby moose that he got when he first came home. He has NEVER ripped this up, and it remains completely intact, unlike all other toys. He also loves to eat ice cubes, carrots, peanut butter, and cheese!
Q: What is the cutest, smartest or most interesting thing Hazelnut does?
A:  He CAN NOT drink like a normal dog! He will dip his entire face into the water bowl, and leave a trail around the entire house. He also has no idea how big he is, and lays in bed with us like a human. It is like looking after a toddler! Haze’s entire litter was dumped at a shelter in December 2019. They were all in pretty bad shape, but Haze the most so. He had Parvo and was the runt of the litter, so he had to overcome a lot to stay alive. That is why I see him as a little warrior pup because he fought to stick around just for us.
Q: What is his favorite thing about PawHootz Pet Resort?
A: Haze loves to play with other dogs, and he cannot wait to greet his human friends each visit too! He gets the stimulation that he needs and reminders on his manners.

Congratulations Hazelnut for being our May PawHootz Pal of The Month!
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