Have You Heard About Canine Enrichment?

Have You Heard About Canine Enrichement?

Canine Enrichment – engaging your dog in activities designed to stimulate their mind and to keep them physically fit at the same time. Also, it is the action of improving or enhancing your dog’s value of something, or the modifying of a dog’s environment to improve quality of life. Canine enrichment provides your dog with the stimulation he or she needs to thrive. When we actively participate in enrichment for our dogs it allows them to live their best lives!

Incorporating enrichment activities increases your pet’s happiness and well-being. It allows your pet to engage in their natural behaviors, boosts confidence building and socialization, all while giving them a sense of accomplishment. Isn’t that what we all want to feel? Accomplished? The best part of enrichment programs is that they fight boredom, anxiety, and frustration.  It makes life better for both of you!

Remember – Enrichment is only valuable to your pet if it matters to them. If they are not engaged in a certain enrichment activity try switching it up. It is important to continue to switch enrichment activities and tailor them to your loved one’s preferences.

3 Main Benefits Of Canine Enrichment

  1. Reduces stress for the animal in care.
  2. Occupies the mind and body.
  3. Long term behavioral and physical health.

There are 7 types of canine enrichment we use here at PawHootz Pet Resort:

  • Cognitive: food puzzle toys, foraging opportunities, operant training
  • Feeding & Taste: food puzzle toys, variety of treats, novel food objects
  • Physical Exercise: walking, running, fetch, play
  • Novel Experiences: outdoor access, change in scenery
  • Auditory: music, audio books, biologically significant sounds
  • Visual Stimulation: movies, TV, room with a view
  • Olfactory: novel scents, nose work, pheromones

The best enrichment activities are the ones that allow your dog an outlet to express its natural instincts and are crucial for survival. Compassionate owners strive to increase the well-being of their pets lives daily. Providing constant enrichment means providing a better quality of life!

Check out our website for more information on our membership programs OR email us at play@pawhootz.com to sign up today.

Canine Enrichment At Pawhootz Pet Resort