Hattan & Orlando: February Palz Of The Month

At PawHootz Pet Resort, we have the pleasure of making many furry friends. This month, we want to introduce you to two exceptional canine companions who thoroughly enjoy their time here, both with us and their fellow furry friends. Let’s extend a warm round of applause to our Palz of the Month for February 2022: Hattan and Orlando! We had the chance to chat with their humans to discover what makes these pups so extraordinary.

From Unexpected Beginnings: How Hattan & Orlando Joined the Family

Their birthdays fall on August 3, 2019, and we were eager to know how these special canines celebrate this occasion. Both Hattan and Orlando came into their human’s family in quite an unexpected way. Their mom is actually their owner’s son’s dog. During a visit, she unexpectedly gave birth to a litter of pups right on the living room floor while the family was out to dinner. Initially, there were no intentions to keep any of the puppies, but their adorable faces captured their human’s heart, and they became cherished members of the family.

Personalities and Preferences: Hattan & Orlando Unleashed

Hattan and Orlando have been part of the family since day zero, as they were born at home and have never resided anywhere else. Describing their personalities in five words, Hattan is known for being goofy, jealous, loving, loyal, and undeniably handsome. Orlando, on the other hand, is characterized as cuddly, possessive, loving, stubborn, and loyal.

Their favorite indulgences include Pumpkin Granola Bites, which they will do anything to get their paws on. Additionally, they enjoy morning blueberries and sharing popcorn with their mom. Orlando has a particular affinity for balls and has a habit of demolishing any stuffed animals he comes across, while Hattan enjoys chewing bones and collecting leaves from the great outdoors.

Intelligence and Playfulness: The Dynamic of Hattan & Orlando

One of the most endearing aspects of Hattan and Orlando is their contrasting yet equally impressive intelligence. While Hattan excels at performing tricks and readily offers a handshake or high-five, Orlando chooses to march to his own drum and opts out of these displays. However, Orlando is a leash-walking maestro, exhibiting perfect manners with no pulling and a keen sense of obedience. Hattan brings the goofiness, while Orlando carries a more serious demeanor. They share a love for wrestling, with their Friday Night SmackDown being a weekly highlight, keeping track of their wins and losses.

PawHootz Pet Resort: A Second Home for Hattan & Orlando

When it comes to PawHootz Pet Resort, Hattan and Orlando are over the moon with excitement. They adore their time here, reveling in the company of their friends and dedicated counselors. Their enthusiasm is palpable as they eagerly rush to the door when the word “PawHootz” is mentioned in the morning. Once inside, their joy is evident as they eagerly lead the way, ready to embark on another adventure with their favorite people. It’s heartwarming to witness their eagerness as they push the door open without a moment’s hesitation, bringing immeasurable joy to their devoted dog mom.

Adventurous Spirits: Hattan & Orlando’s Journey Beyond the Resort

In closing, Hattan and Orlando are two exceptionally loving and well-behaved dogs who have a passion for weekend hikes and embracing adventurous escapades. Their journeys have taken them from road-tripping around Texas to venturing all the way to Minnesota, where they explored five state parks in just five days. These remarkable pups continue to bring happiness and unforgettable moments to their family’s life.


Hattan & Orlando: February Palz Of The Month - sitting on a rock outdoors near a river
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