Annabelle & Enzo : February Palz Of The Month

Annabelle and Enzo love luxury pet boarding, so they stay with PawHootz Pet Resort. Our team is always happy to care for them!

They Love Luxury Pet Boarding
They Love Luxury Pet Boarding

Annabelle, aka ‘Annabellyboo’, was born on May 30th, 2013 in which only 8 short weeks later she was adopted into her forever home by the Della Flora family from a local labrador breeder! The nickname ‘Annabellyboo’ comes from her love of sleeping, cuddles, and barktastic belly rubs from anyone around her including friends here at Pawhootz, her favorite being Aidin! While she does prefer her human cuddles, sometimes playtime with her furry friends Artemis and Jet Li can be a pawesome time! At home, when she isn’t snuggled up with mom, she is either making barktastic renditions of the current hits with her squeaky toys or asking mom politely with her puppydog eyes for some scrumptious treats!

Because of the Della Flora’s adortion of Annabelle, they decided to expand their forever family and opened their doors to their handsome ‘young man’ Enzo! (You know what they say two palz is always better than one!) Enzo was apodoted from the same local labrador breeder as his elder sister Annabelle at the same age of 8 weeks old! When Enzo isn’t chewing on his favorite chew bone cuddled up next to mom at home, he is chasing tails and ruffhousing with his friends Ember and Ila here at Pawhootz! Enzo is a bit more energetic and playful than his sister, but he is secretly a big softy who still loves his cuddles and lovings from our resort staff, especially his favorite conselour Malachi!

Everyone lets give a round of apaws for our Palz of the month: Annabelle and Enzo! Thank you for being our lovable, and cuddly palz!

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