Annabelle & Enzo : February Palz Of The Month

It’s time to give a hearty round of apaws for our Palz of the Month – Annabelle and Enzo! These two adorable furry friends, lovingly known as ‘Annabellyboo’ and the handsome ‘young man’ Enzo, have captured the hearts of their forever family, the Della Flora’s. Let’s dive into their heartwarming story.

Annabelle – The Snuggle Queen

Annabelle, or ‘Annabellyboo,’ entered this world on May 30th, 2013. A mere 8 weeks later, she found her forever home with the Della Flora family, who adopted her from a local Labrador breeder. Her nickname, ‘Annabellyboo,’ is a testament to her love of sleeping, cuddles, and the ultimate delight – belly rubs. She happily accepts belly rubs from anyone, but her favorite source of attention at PawHootz is Aidin. While Annabelle adores her human cuddles, she doesn’t shy away from playtime with her furry friends Artemis and Jet Li. At home, she’s either serenading her family with her squeaky toy renditions of the latest hits or giving her best puppy dog eyes to request scrumptious treats.

Enzo – The Playful Softy

Enzo, the handsome ‘young man,’ joined the Della Flora family as a companion to Annabelle. Adopted from the same local Labrador breeder at the age of 8 weeks, he quickly became part of the clan. Enzo’s energy and playfulness are contagious, and he loves to chase tails and engage in ruffhousing with his friends Ember and Ila at PawHootz. But beneath that playful exterior is a big softy who adores cuddles and affection from the resort staff, particularly his favorite counselor, Malachi.

A Growing Forever Family

The Della Flora family’s love for Annabelle led them to expand their forever family by welcoming Enzo. As they say, two palz are always better than one! Annabelle and Enzo share a special bond as siblings and companions.

Annabelle and Enzo are the stars of the month, and they’ve earned it with their lovable and cuddly personalities. Their story is a heartwarming reminder of the joy, companionship, and love that dogs bring into our lives. Let’s celebrate these two furry wonders for the happiness they bring to their forever family and to all who meet them.❤️

Enzo sitting at home
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