Fear Free Grooming Techniques for your Nervous Pet

For many pets, dealing with foreign substances and noises, especially in a grooming environment, can cause a lot of stress and bring on anxiety. Fear free grooming stands for a better experience throughout the grooming process. Fear free concepts revolve around ensuring a pleasant experience for every possible pet and it is something we stand by here at PawHootz.

The more happy, relaxed, and comfortable your pet is, the better a grooming job can be done. Whether you are the one grooming your furry friend at home or you decide that bringing them to our salon is your best bet, here are some ways you can help alleviate stress for your pet throughout the grooming process.

fear free dog grooming

What Scares Your Pet During the Grooming Process?

While this depends on a variety of factors and on your pet specifically, these are some of the most common reasons:

  • Separation Anxiety: some pets are very attached to their owner and get nervous when they are no longer near them.
  • Other Animals: If they’re not used to socializing and being around unfamiliar animals, the noise and added stressor can be enough to scare them.
  • Nail Clippers: Clippers and grinders put pressure on your pets nails and create a noise, which may frighten your dog even if it is not painful for them. 
  • High-Velocity Dryer Sound: Many animals are sensitive to loud sounds. The dryer which is blowing air at a high velocity towards them can make them feel anxious.
  • Baths: Water is one the most common reasons for anxiety because animals usually either hate it or they wish they were fish. For senior animals especially, having to stand during that period of time can also be hard on their legs.
fear free grooming techniques

Before Visiting the Groomer

An important factor when it comes to preparing your dog for the groomer is acquainting them with the tools they will encounter during the process, and get to a point where you can minimize restraint. Things such as baths, hair trims, and toothbrushes are good to practice with at home. it is recommended to have your dog professionally groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. Practicing grooming techniques more often at home can help them be more comfortable when visiting the grooming salon. 

You will also want to make sure your dog is well exercised before visiting the groomer. An anxious dog with energy can cause even more chaos than you can imagine. Most importantly, find an understanding groomer and ultimately one your dog is also comfortable with. You can inclusively ask for a training visit to get your dog more acquainted with the actual salon. 

Fear Free Techniques at Our Salon

We want to make sure your pet feels safe, secure, and comfortable when visiting our groomer. Our strategies revolve around reducing the anxiety for your pet and making grooming a calming experience. We do so by:

  • Minimizing restraint with special handling techniques that are gentle and accommodate your pet’s comfort level
  • Treats for positive association or distraction
  • Toys provided as a distraction during stressful events
  • “Happy Hoodie” during blow-drying to minimize loud sounds
  • Accommodating the grooming process to your pet’s needs, phobias, and comfortability.
fear free grooming

Pawhootz Fear Free Experience

PawHootz Pet Resort is committed to providing fear-free care for every pet that walks through our door. We promise to keep our voices low and calm and to never use force when grooming your pet.  We’ll use gentle control techniques and innovative tools that accommodate their needs. 

If a fear-free and enjoyable grooming experience is what you are looking for for your pet, call us today and book your grooming appointment at PawHootz Pet Resort.