The Muttcracker

A small dog wearing a Christmas sign.

The Muttcracker:

The Muttcracker: Join us for a fun-filled event where our furry friends, guided by their dedicated counselors, will embark on a journey to understand and respect boundaries.

🐾 Activity Highlights:

  1. Hula Hoop Extravaganza: We’ll set the stage with colorful hula hoops, each representing a unique boundary zone. Watch as our canine companions navigate these hoops under the guidance of our skilled counselors.

  2. Counselor Testing: Our fearless counselors will step inside the hula hoops, challenging the dogs to respect their personal space. Can they resist the temptation to cross the line?

  3. Body Movement Mastery: Counselors will showcase their body movement and body blocking skills to gently guide the dogs away from the forbidden territories. It’s a dance of communication and understanding!

  4. Interactive Learning: Learn about canine behavior and communication as our counselors share insights into the importance of boundaries for happy and harmonious relationships between humans and their furry friends.

This event runs every Monday for the month of December! Check out our other events for more!