Spring Fling

Girl pet training her husky puppy at PawHootz Pet Training.

Spring Fling:

Spring Fling: Attention all furry guests and their loving owners! Join us for an exciting week of active fun at our Pawsome Play Day: Spring Fling Edition, hosted by our dedicated team of Doggie Daycare Counselors.

Did you know dogs have a sense of time, which can influence their training. Studies have shown that dogs can associate certain activities with specific times of day. For example, if you always take your dog for a walk at 6 p.m., they might start anticipating it and getting excited around that time. This sense of time can be useful in training, as it can help you establish routines and schedule training sessions when your dog is most alert and receptive.

Your pup will focus on basic training cues. On top of that, they will have a stimulating music and bubbles! Our counselors will be on hand to facilitate games and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Get ready for a week filled with tail-wagging excitement and unforgettable memories! Our Doggie Daycare Counselors are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and engaging environment for all furry guests. Don’t miss out on this pawsitively amazing event!

Note: All activities will be supervised by our experienced Doggie Daycare Counselors to ensure the safety and well-being of all furry guests.

Event is from 03/25 – 03/29!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our front desk at 817-498- 6410 or email us at play@pawhootz.com.

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