Spring Fling Frolic

Photoshoot information with a pic of a cat acting as a photographer. QR code
A Corgi sitting in front of a green boxwood backdrop

Spring Fling Frolic Photoshoot:

Sign up to have your pet’s picture taken for the “Spring Fling Frolic” Photoshoot! The photoshoot will begin , Monday, April 15-19, 2024. However, sign-ups will end on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

The photoshoot will be Spring themed. Feel free to bring an outfit for your pet. Make sure to have your name on it. 
**NOTE: For Plaz Members, If you have had 2 free photoshoots by now, you will be charged (at a discounted rate see below) for each photoshoort from now through Dec. 2024.
**NOTE: We had to make some changes due to the high demand for previous photoshoots. 
Please read below.

Paw-traits & Play! 📸

Unleash the joy and capture the cuteness! Sign up today for our pawsome themed Monthly Photoshoot where every session is a tail-wagging adventure and your furry friend becomes the star of their own vibrant, playful masterpiece! 

**All Palz Plan Members will receive 2 FREE digital copies from the photoshoot of their choice. Palz Plan members MUST sign up for their chosen photoshoots. Palz Memberz can also purchase a printed photocopy of any photoshoot for a discounted rate of $10 per photo.  

All Non-Members can pay $20 per photoshoot and receive a printed photo copy at pick up end of day Friday, March 15. Non-Members MUST sign up for the photoshoot via the form link to schedule your Pal’s Photoshoot. If you want to become a Palz Plan Member we would love to sign you up!      

Forgot to sign up? 😬 Don’t worry, stay tuned for information on the next month’s photoshoot! There will be a themed photoshoot each month.

It’s a HOWL LOT of fun, and your pup will be barking for more memories!🐾

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Thank you!