Splash-n-Search: graphic with 3 dogs enjoying a dog pool and dog toys on a sunny day

💦 Splash-n-Search 💦

Dive into a Splashtastic Adventure

When the sun is shining, it’s time to make a splash at PawHootz Pet Resort! Our Splash-n-Search event promises a day filled with excitement and fun for your furry friends.

Treasure Hunt in the Pool

We’ll fill a bone-shaped pool with refreshing water and colorful ball pit balls, creating the perfect setting for a treasure hunt. Hidden among the balls are special squeaky toys waiting to be discovered by your pup. Watch as they dive in and search for these hidden treasures, keeping cool and entertained all day long!

Cool Off and Have Fun

Splash-n-Search isn’t just about finding toys; it’s also a fantastic way for dogs to cool off and enjoy some outdoor fun in the sun. The combination of water, toys, and excitement will keep them engaged and happy throughout the event.

Unleash the Adventure

Join us at PawHootz Pet Resort for the Splash-n-Search event and unleash the adventure for your furry friend. It’s a splashtastic treasure hunt that promises to create lasting memories for both you and your pup. Get ready for a day of wet and wild fun in the sun!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our front desk at 817-498- 6410 or email us at play@pawhootz.com.

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