Pawliday Pal

Border Collie pole weaving for exercise and fun at PawHootz Pet Resort.

Pawliday Pal:

Pawliday Pal: Gather ’round, pals! We’ve got a festive fiesta in the making! Picture this: a dazzling display of holiday cheer and agility, all rolled into one epic event. We’re setting up pole weaving for our pals, where speed meets seasonal spirit.

First things first, imagine a lineup of poles and cones, ready to be conquered by our furry friends. It’s like a winter wonderland obstacle course, but with a twist! Our pals will weave through the poles with the finesse of Santa’s sleigh navigating through a starry night. It’s a dance of agility and excitement that’ll leave everyone cheering.

But wait, there’s more! As if that wasn’t enough holiday magic, we’re turning the area around the poles into a festive playground of holiday toys and decorations. Tinsel, baubles, and a sprinkle of snowflakes will transform the space into a festive haven. The holiday spirit will be palpable as our pals prance and play amidst the twinkling lights and cheerful decor.

This event runs every Friday for the month of December! Check out our other events for more!