Palentine’s Date Night

Palentine's Date Night invitation - Pawhootz Pet Resort

Palentine’s Date Night:

Palentine’s Date Night: Join us for a unique Valentine’s Day boarding event that’s sure to make your dog’s tail wag with excitement! Treat your furry friend to a memorable evening filled with love, laughter, and tail-wagging fun.

This is a boarding add-on!

🥂 Pawsecco Toast: Upon arrival, your pup will be greeted with a special “Pawsecco” drink, a dog-friendly mocktail made with safe and delicious ingredients. Watch as they indulge in this bubbly delight, raising a toast to the joys of friendship and love!

🍓 Strawberry Licky Mat: Next, your dog will be treated to a delightful sensory experience with their very own Strawberry Licky Mat. Covered in tasty strawberry-flavored goodness, this interactive mat will keep your pup entertained for hours as they lick and lap up the sweet flavors.

🎥 Movie Watching: Once your pup has enjoyed their Pawsecco and licky mat, it’s time to settle in for a cozy movie night!        furry friend as we screen a heartwarming canine-themed movie under the stars. From heartwarming tales of friendship to hilarious adventures, there’s something for every pup to enjoy!

Don’t miss out on this paw-sitively delightful Valentine’s Day celebration for dogs! Let’s make this Barkentine’s Date Night one to remember for you and your furry companion. See you there!

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