Hula Paws Luau

a graphic of a dog and cat wearing hula skirts and flower leis on a beach.

Hula Paws Luau:

Aloha, Paw-triots! 🌺

Get ready for an unforgettable tropical adventure at PawHootz Pet Resort’s Hula Paws Luau! Our skilled counselors will guide your furry friends through a fun-filled session of learning boundaries using hula hoops. This unique and engaging activity promises an exciting time and helps our pups develop better behavior and spatial awareness. Each successful paw that navigates the hula hoops will be met with a shower of pets, hugs, and tropical love, ensuring every dog feels special and accomplished.

Learning Through Play

Imagine the joy and excitement as our dogs hula their way to better behavior. Each hoop represents a step toward more disciplined and happier lives. This event celebrates our furry companions and their journey to becoming well-mannered members of our community. With the spirit of Aloha, we create an environment filled with positive reinforcement, where learning becomes a delightful game rather than a chore.

A Festive Setting

Our tropical-themed event immerses your pets in a world of fun and learning. Dogs will wear flower leis and listen to Hawaiian music in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The playful hula hoop exercises challenge and entertain, ensuring that every dog, regardless of skill level, can participate and enjoy. The Hula Paws Luau is an event to remember!

Join the Fun

Don’t let your dog miss this paw-some opportunity to thrive in a supportive and festive setting. This luau blends education and entertainment perfectly. Every wagging tail and joyful bark will testify to the fun and progress being made. Join us and let’s hula our way to better behavior! 🌴🐾

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