Beach Ball Bananza

Beach Ball Bonanza: A graphic with 3 dogs wearing sunglasses and beach balls

🌴 Beach Ball Bananza! 🏖️

Welcome to the Beach Ball Paradise

Get ready for a tail-wagging good time at PawHootz Pet Resort with our Beach Ball Bananza! From June 17th to June 21st, we are transforming our play yard into a beach ball paradise. Your furry friends can frolic and play to their hearts’ content.

Endless Fun with Beach Balls of All Sizes

Our play yard will be filled with beach balls of all sizes. This creates a vibrant and playful environment for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Watch as your pups chase, pounce, and play with the colorful beach balls. They will enjoy a day of non-stop excitement and exercise.

Perfect for Socializing and Exercise

The Beach Ball Bananza is not just about fun. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for your dogs to socialize with other furry friends. As they play and interact, they’ll be making new friends and burning off energy. It’s a safe and supervised environment. This event is the perfect blend of socializing and exercise, promoting healthy and happy pets.

Capture the Perfect Summer Moments

Don’t forget to bring your camera! The sight of your dog having the time of their life in a sea of beach balls is a picture-perfect moment you won’t want to miss. Capture those joyful, sun-soaked moments to remember the fun. Share these memories with friends and family.

Join the Fun

So, join us at PawHootz Pet Resort for the Beach Ball Bananza from June 17th to June 21st. It’s the perfect summer event to let your dogs enjoy the outdoors, play with beach balls, and make new friends. Whether your pup loves to chase balls or simply enjoys the company of other dogs, they will have a day of unforgettable fun. See you there!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our front desk at 817-498- 6410 or email us at

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