Bark University Orientation

Bark University Orientation - CGC Certification Badge (Fetchman, Barkmore, Chewnior, Senfur)

Bark University Orientation:

Bark University Orientation: 6 – 7 PM

Embark on a journey of pet excellence with our exclusive Levels Program, designed to transform your furry companion into the ultimate canine superstar! 

Achieve Canine Greatness: CGC Certification 

At Pawhootz, we’re not just about basic obedience; we’re aiming for greatness! Join us on a quest to achieve the prestigious AKC – Canine Good Citizen certification (CGC). But that’s just the beginning…

While CGC is fantastic, sometimes we crave more! Whether it’s agility, sport work, therapy dog aspirations, or just having a well-behaved, happy companion by your side – Pawhootz has you covered.

Flexible and Fun: How Our Levels Work

Bark University is all about flexibility. Come and go as you please, attending at your own pace. Repeat levels until you and your dog feel ready to conquer the next challenge.

Consistent Progress: Master the Basics, Elevate the Skills

Each level covers the same fundamental skills, ensuring no one gets left behind. With weekly practice sessions, you and your furry friend will refine your abilities until you’re ready to graduate to the next level.

Meet the Maestro: Salem Luethy – Lead Trainer

Your guide on this remarkable journey is Salem Luethy, our Lead Trainer and Behavioral Specialist. With Salem as your CGC Evaluator, success is guaranteed!

No Rush, No Pressure: Your Dog’s Pace, Your Timeline

Life happens, and we get that. No deadlines, no rush. Level up when you and your dog are ready. Whether it takes 3, 4, 6, or even more weeks, it’s all about the journey!

What You Need for Success: Simple Tools, Big Achievements

Just gather some treats, a training pouch, regular/martingale collar, regular flat leash, and optionally a clicker. Leave behind choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars, and retractable leashes – we’re all about positive reinforcement!

Join us at Pawhootz for a transformative experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Unleash the potential within your furry friend and let’s create some paw-some memories together!

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