Introducing Our New Daycare Enrichment and Lodging Programs

Welcome to PawHootz Pet Resort, where we understand the importance of choosing the right care for your beloved pet. Our commitment to keeping your furry friends happy, healthy, and safe drives us to continuously expand and improve our programs. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing updates on what’s new at PawHootz Pet Resort and how we’ve enhanced your pet’s experience with us.

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest offerings: the New Enrichment Daycare Program and Lodging Activity Packages.

“Just like beauty, the joy of play is in the eyes of the beholder. Every dog is different, and every dog enjoys playing in different ways.” – Patricia McConnell, Animal Behavior Expert

New Enrichment Daycare Program

We’ve taken our traditional Daycare to the next level with the Enrichment Daycare Program, catering to every dog’s idea of fun!

Our Enrichment Daycare is designed to provide a higher level of hands-on care and mental stimulation tailored to each pup’s unique needs and characteristics. Whether your dog enjoys traditional “free-play” Daycare or prefers smaller groups and one-on-one interactions, we’ve got them covered.

What Can Your Pups Expect from Our Enrichment Services?

Our Enrichment Coordinators engage your pup in learning, scent tracking, and brain games. They’ll also enjoy water-themed play, arts and crafts, and more. We balance these activities with delicious treats, puzzles, and rest time.

After months of testing, pets and pet parents have loved this approach. Dogs go home tired but not too exhausted to enjoy dinner or family time. One happy customer from our test group said, “I don’t know what you’re doing with my dog, but please keep it up because it’s working!”

New Lodging Activity Package for Dogs

Keeping your four-legged family members active and engaged with our pet care team ensures their happiness and well-being. We understand that every pet is unique, so we’ve created customizable lodging packages for dogs.

Our dog packages include traditional or Enrichment Daycare, gourmet treats, bedtime belly-rubs and tuck-ins, treat puzzles, extra bathroom breaks, report cards, photos, and more!

Ready to Treat Your Pet to a PawHootz Experience?

Schedule your pet’s next visit to PawHootz Pet Resort and discover the joy of our new services. If you’ve already booked for the holidays, ask us how we can make your pup’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s holiday even more special with these exciting offerings. Contact us today!

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