Danny: January Pal Of The Month

Let’s give a round of apaws for our pals of the month -, Danny. Let’s get to know him better.🐾 


january pal of the month danny goodwin with owner


Danny – The Supportive Sidekick  

Mark’s furry friend, Danny, is a source of comfort and joy in his life. Danny’s birthday falls on September 10th, 2021, making him just a pup with a heart full of love. He joined the Goodwin family under extraordinary circumstances – as a source of support during Mark’s battle with cancer. Two days after Mark’s surgery, his wife surprised him with Danny, a gift that brought warmth and companionship during a challenging time. 


A Loyal Companion from Day One 

 Danny was a mere three months old when he became a cherished member of the Goodwin family, arriving on December 1st, 2021. Mark describes Danny’s personality in five words: active, sweet, loyal, smart, and playful. These traits highlight the special bond that has developed between them. 


Favorite Pastime: Truck Rides 

 Among Danny’s favorite things, truck rides top the list. There’s nothing quite like the wind in his fur as he joins Mark on these adventurous journeys. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey together. 


Danny’s Unique Talent 

 One of the most endearing qualities of Danny is his ability to sense when Mark is cutting the grass. He opens the door to the garage and hops onto the back of the truck, ensuring Mark is okay. It’s a testament to Danny’s loyalty and protective nature. 


PawHootz Pet Resort Fun 

 At PawHootz Pet Resort, Danny’s favorite activity is playtime with other dogs. It’s a place where he can socialize, make new friends, and burn off some of that boundless energy. 


Adventures at the Beach and Ranch 

 Danny is a spirited pup who loves running on the beach and enjoying the wide-open spaces at the ranch. In his eyes, every day is an opportunity for a truck ride – a daily adventure he eagerly anticipates. 


Here’s to many more years of shared adventures, truck rides, and cherished moments!♥️ 


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