Danger Ahead: Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Fall | Animal America

Fall brings cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice, fallen leaves…and pet dangers? We may not often associate the season with the dangers it can bring to our furry friends, but maybe we should!

Just as we take steps to prepare ourselves, our homes and our cars for a new season, it’s important to also consider what our pets need. And one thing to definitely consider—what the new season brings that may put your pet in danger.

Not sure exactly what to keep an eye out for? Read on as we take a look!

Common Fall Hazards for Pets

As we dive into this list, you’ll notice that the items on it are already familiar to you. That’s because they’re usually considered staples of autumn—things that bring comfort and tradition around our homes.

And while we want to embrace those traditions, it’s also important to know how we can keep our pets safe, too.

Consider these hazards:

  • Halloween candy. You probably already know that some foods just don’t mix with our furry friends. That’s definitely the case with Halloween candy, particularly all those good chocolate bars thrown into the mix. Chocolate, while delightful for human taste buds, can be dangerous and even deadly for pets. So, don’t leave Halloween leftovers sitting around in easy-to-access containers—immediately parse through the candy and place it in an inaccessible location.
  • Candles. This one’s a hazard in more than one way. Whether you light a candle and keep it burning, or warm one on a burner, candles can be a danger. Your pet can either knock into a candle, causing it to start a fire—or knock it over, accessing the very hot wax within it, which can lead to burns.
  • Plant-based decor. If you’re accustomed to using “holiday” plants such as mums in your decor, you may want to reconsider—or keep them out of reach of pets. That’s because many such plants, including holly, poinsettia and lilies, can all result in sickness and even death for pets. Call your vet if you believe your pet may have ingested a plant.

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