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Preparing your dog for travel can be easy when you have the right pet resort. Many pet travel experts, like Airpets America, partner with pet resorts like PawHootz to provide many necessary services for traveling dogs. From customizing a crate to providing access to a USDA accredited veterinarians for microchipping, health certificates and vaccinations, PawHootz can be the answer to many of the intricacies of dog relocations.


Dogs can sometimes become nervous when they are not used to being around strangers. Our staff is comprised of many pet care professionals and by the end of a dog’s stay, he or she will be used to being walked, examined and groomed by many different people. This allows a dog to get used to the idea of being around strangers because they’ve become trained by experienced, kind and professional staff. By the time one of these dogs needs to travel he’ll be used to people approaching him and will be able to stay relaxed. Our dog trainers on staff that can teach dogs to love their travel crates. By using a reward system, the dog goes into their crate on cue and begins considering it a safe haven. 


Our pet resort is a great option because it is designed to make each dog’s stay active, fun and safe. Our experienced and certified staff provide many levels of exercise for dogs that lounge with us. Join day camp sessions, supervised groups of dogs playing together or a session of Frisbee catching. We even offer some quality cuddle time with a pet care specialist. Our top priority remains the wellbeing of each dog and will do everything to keep them happy and healthy.


Our resort is connected to a USDA accredited Veterinarian who can provide microchipping, vaccinations, health certificates, and titer testing before travel, all without having to leave the safety of the resort? Many countries request for a waiting period after vaccinations, to make sure the dog is fully immunized before they enter a foreign country, so it’s a good idea to allow a pet resort to provide a safe place for dogs to fulfill the necessary time after microchipping and vaccinations. 

Taking a trip soon and need to find a home for your furry friend? Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

Air pet travel safety

When it comes to air pet travel, everyone does their part to ensure your pet’s safety. The US. Department of Transportation says two million animals travel on commercial flights each year. Air Cargo World found that less than 0.01 percent of pets that fly have incidents, making it quite safe. There are even worldwide organizations such as IPATA (International Pet & Animal Transportation Association) that have risen to prominence in the interest of pet safety & well-being.

When pets are transported to the airport from our pet resort, they are kept in an air conditioning vehicle at all times.

Our trained pet handlers check them in at the airport where they are cared for by airport personnel inside the airport’s temperature controlled pet facilities.

APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.S) is part of the Department of Agriculture and they are the ones who enforce the federal Animal Welfare Act. In this act there are several requirements that have been stated to provide safe transportation of animals. Some of these requirements include the age of the pets traveling, the size, ventilation and strength of the carriers the pets travel in, the amount of time before a flight that they pets can be at the airport, restrictions on outside temperature on the day of travel, health certificates, etc.

Strictly enforced documentation for health checks and vaccinations are required when checking in, this means there has been a thorough assessment by a USDA accredited veterinarian of each pet to ensure they are healthy enough to travel. Airpets America only works with pet friendly airlines that offer air conditioned & heated pressurized cargo holds (your pets breathe the same air as you and I would in the main cabin), pet friendly airport vehicles and staff that has been trained to care for pets.

When it’s time for the flight, your pet is put onto the plane last and taken off first. The plane’s pilots are always aware that there are live animals on board. Your pet is secured inside their crate in a designated pet area away from luggage. If routing requires a stop before the final destination, a comfort stop is provided for your pet in an animal lounge, depending on the length of time this can include an overnight stay, a potty walk or a meal with fresh water.

With pet travel experts like Airpets America you can rest assured that everything possible is being done to ensure your pet has the safest and most relaxing air travel possible.

5 of the world’s most animal friendly airports

5 of the World’s most animal friendly airports

images (1)This post shows 5 of the world’s most animal friendly airports, from dog parks to zoo animal ready holding spaces. These 5 airports make a big effort to be animal friendly.

In Europe:

  1. Frankfurt Airport in Germany: Lufthansa Animal imagesCargo Lounge it is a 4,000 square meter facility with stalls, kennels, a quiet room for cats, aviaries, climate controlled chambers and even backlit areas for fish. Though dogs and cats visit most often, they are equipped to care for anything, from fish to rhinos, horses and even polar bears. They have a 24 hour staff of veterinarians and handlers. They are the world’s busiest animal airport hub.
  2. Amsterdam Airport has KLM’s Animal Hotel. The Animal Hotel is fully operational 24 aankomst-pandas7hours a day. The hotel staff members follow a specialized training program. This includes training at the School of Veterinary Medicine, a traineeship with a veterinary surgeon, lectures by the Veterinary Inspection Authorities and training at the Amsterdam Zoo. In addition to accommodations for horses and zoo animals, this hotel has one area for dogs and a separate one for cats. You can even hire a dog walker for your dog while they stay there so they get some extra attention.
  3. London has the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (HARC) receive and care for millions of animals including fish, reptiles, zoo animals and pets. Last year 16,000 dogs and cats, 400 horses, 200,000 reptiles, 2000 birds and 28 million fish arrived at HARC.

In North America:

  1. New York’s JFK has the Ark, a 178,000 square foot animal lounge. It includes climate The-ARK-Pet-Terminal-Pet-Oasis-Equine-Livestock-Export-Center-JFK-Airport-NYC_29controlled stalls with bedding and natural light for big animals like horses, zebras and pandas. And an overnight pet resort for dogs and cats. The Ark is designed to take everything from pandas to puppy dogs. They allow all sorts of pets and zoo animals.the_ark_at_jfk
  2. Calgary International Airport in Canada has the International Animal Lounge facility. A 10,000 sq. ft. fully boarding facility for all animals. They are a quick 10 minutes from downloadlarge, small, and exotic pet animal veterinary clinics if your pet requires medical attention. The Calgary Airport Authority’s 20,000 sq. ft. Special Cargo Facility is also available for loading/offloading and short term boarding of small and large animals, and is conveniently located under the same roof.images (2)


If you need any help transporting a pet to or from 5 of the world’s most animal friendly airports give our pet travel experts a call, we’ll schedule flights and accommodations along the way for any pet.